Too Lazy to Iron? An Easy Way to De-Wrinkle Clothes

downy wrinkle releaser

Unfortunately for people, wrinkles scream laziness or forgetfulness. But if you are like me, you simply hate ironing. Even if I wanted to iron, I’m always in a hurry, so it isn’t always a viable option. So, what can someone like me do when I can’t iron but need to look nice?

Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a great and fast way to get nice casual clothes looking wrinkle free.  This laundry tool works well on every clothing we tried it on. I think this would be perfect for travelers for its ability not only to rid packed clothing of wrinkles, but also to freshen with a light pleasant scent.

The product is very quick and easy to use and requires little effort.  You spray and wipe the clothing to loosen the wrinkles.  Allow it to dry. You can also use it to freshens clothes that might have been hanging around absorbing odors for awhile.

What I found:

  • The wrinkle releaser is almost magic for minor wrinkled items. Even items that had been forgotten in a laundry basket before being folded benefited quite a bit from Downy Wrinkle Releaser.
  • My more heavily wrinkled items needed a little more attention. Spraying clothing and then tumble drying on low will take out wrinkles.

Overall the product does what it claims to do and can be a big saver in a time crunch!

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