Quilts-What other things matter even if bed is king in bedroom

What other things matter even if bed is the king in bedroom?


You must have heard it thousands of times before that the bed is the king of the room. However, what these gurus fail to mention is that it does not end at beds only. You have to treat the areas out and beyond of bed equally to create a balanced styling in the room.

If we talk about immediate out and beyond of beds then of course only two areas come in mind – the headboard and the foot of the bed. We are sure you must have heard a lot of ideas and DIYs for headboards but unfortunately the foot of the bed doesn’t receive the same kind of attention.

One of the reasons people are not talking about it is because there is usually no space in the room to cater the foot.

Quilts – to treat the bed as the king

Quilts are enough to treat any bed as the king. You will be surprised by how much you can improve the bed with quality quilts. If you don’t believe us then you are not using the right quilts for your bed.

I always recommend to shop the online quilts in Australia from BeddingSquare.com.au next time and see the difference in your bed. The shop will open your world to new brands at reasonable rates. The other online places to purchase quilts online is IZZZ. I have given you much space to find good quilts online in Australia.

So that was about treating the bed as the king, now coming back to the foot of the bed;

1.    Storage Space

You can create a storage space by putting a cabinet with a couple of shelves. It seems a great solution for your kids’ bedroom as they can keep their books, toys, and other important things.

2.    Classic Trunk

Vintage trunks are a great way to treat the foot of the bed. However, make sure the overall ambiance of your room is good enough that it can cater such a classic and vintage item gracefully.

3.    Typical Chairs

Chairs are a bit typical for the foot but they serve the purpose rightly. You can put the chairs at the foot of the bed but they should be matching any one major element of the room like wall paint or flooring to balance the appearance.

4.    Predictable Sofa

Similar to chairs, sofas are predictable too. However, it is super comfortable and can be the right spot to gossip with your best friend. Also, depending on the type of sofa you purchase, it can serve as a second small bed. Again, the sync of the sofa with the entire room is crucial from the design point of view.

5.    Surprising Dog Bed

All the other ideas mentioned above are somewhat expected for the foot of bed placement but a dog bed is the cutest idea out there if you own a dog. Pets like dog or cat love to sleep with their owners and if you can train them to sleep in the dog bed, you have used the place rightly.

So these were some of the design ideas for the foot of bed area, if you have enough space in the room, consider yourself fortunate and immediately start working on putting the precise item there.

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