baby bedding

We have changed the house recently. It was a huge deal and tons of extra work for our family. Decorating the entire house along with two kids and a part-time job was not a joke. However, I got extreme level of support from my entire family and that’s why I was able to pull it off successfully.

Let me share the hardest part of setting up the new house. Maybe you won’t find it as difficult task as I was super paranoid about it. My daughter has recently turned 10 – a double-figure age – and it was a surreal realization on my part to acknowledge that she is growing and has already spent a decade in the world.

She is developing her own personality. She is very particular about her belongings and doesn’t like if things aren’t as they are supposed to be. So when I was working on her room, it was quite an experience for me. Although she was with me the entire time and participated in every aspect of the room, there were a few elements that I was desperate to get right. I was worried about following:

1. Bed sheets
You must be familiar with the mess of moving your entire house – things get lost. Unfortunately, the box of our bed sheets went missing. We attempted to find it many times but the result was same – not found.

So the final way out was to buy new bed sheets. There was some ongoing sale on the website which gave us a chance to shop to our desire. After receiving the new bed sheet sets within few days, I was really worried about the fabric. Again my daughter hates to sleep on the sheets that irritate her in any way.

baby bedding

2. Lighting
Like other tweens, my daughter is studying and she gets her fair share of homework that she completes in her bedroom. So I wanted the lighting in the room to be on point. I wanted the room to be bright but not too bright to make her feel dizzy after being in the room for a couple of hours. The solution was to go for different forms of lighting sources in the room so she can use the required lights during studies and then switch to lighter glow in her room.

3. Rugs
She hates to put her foot on the cold floor after waking up so there are always rugs on the floor beside her bed. Her new room also had rugs that she and I picked online. There wasn’t much to worry about since she chose the rug. But it was worth it when, after sleeping the first night in her new room, she told me that the rug was really soft and just the way she likes.


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