Girls, Get Your Pearls On! Five Ways to Style up Any Outfit with Pearl Jewelry

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We say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this is just one small part of it. The full truth when it comes to women and jewelry is that pearls have been forever in fashion. As ageless gems with a long and interesting mythology behind them, pearls are not just your grandma’s favorite accessories, but forever fresh and new pieces of jewelry that can turn any outfit into a fashion wonder.

You might think pearls are destined to elegant formal attires, opera nights, wedding parties and high-end social events. Step out of the box and reconsider pearls as contemporary versatile precious gems that can be worn in any environment, with any occasion and with any type of outfit. Today we will take a fresh look at pearl jewelry and talk about five different ways to style up any attire with the help of the eternal classy pure white bead.

1. A Casual Day in the Park

We highly associate pearls with evening gowns, red carpet divas, and fancy charity balls. Taking your pearls in the park may be a bit puzzling at first, but you surely can pull a casual outfit fully enhanced by one piece of pearl jewelry. If you want to stand out of the crowd, pick a refined black pearl bracelet and style it further with a black tank top and jeans or a summer dress and strappy sandals combo for a more bohemian look. Black pearls go with everything, and they can be further styled by mixing them with white pearls or other beads and gemstones.

2. The Office Outfit to Kill for

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If you think your office wear is usually bland or boringly serious, you can spice it up with a discrete but breathtaking pearl piece. You can opt for a pearl pendant in a refined, contemporary montage, or a pearl jewelry set with drop earrings and necklace. All you need to know is that pearls are not just white or black. They come in outstanding hues and overtones, so make a wise pearl investment: silver or golden pearls, pink pearls sets in sterling silver finishing, blue or peacock green ones, among others. There are modern pearl settings which go insanely great with office power suits, boxy jackets, shirts, heels and even jeans and nude shoes so just pick your favorites and rock any business outfit!

3. In da Club Glam

Pearls are not bound to haute couture, even if they are in love with it. If you want to rock a stylish party, a glam social event, the opening night of a new venue in town, an anniversary or a fancy dinner, go with pearls as the must-have accessory. A black pearl necklace can tone down a flashy sequin club dress while it can spice up a casual outfit combining a tank top and jeans. Want to become the next style icon on the events’ scene of your city? Add a black fedora to match your rope black pearls necklace and you will see your photos featured in fashion magazines.

4. Disco is not Dead

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If you look at the big picture, you will realize that no matter what fashion trends we live in, some things will never change. Vintage or retro fashion is more alive than ever these days, and it will return bigger, better and more from here on end. A retro look will truly make you stand out of the crowd, no matter what event you attend to and no matter what personal style you adopt.

And if you say stylish retro, you have to say pearl jewelry. White pearls, in this case, are your go-to piece. They make incredible companions for any cute and sassy polka dots dresses and all black Victorian fancy outfits. Vintage fashion may involve satin and lace, velvet and silk, top and coil hats, gloves, capes, ruffles, and bows. Among all of them, pearls make the ultimate statement of elegance, class and taste.

5. The Forever Young Audrey Hepburn

As we said, pearls make some of the hottest contemporary accessories we can think of. Historically speaking, they have been associated with Queens and Golden Age Hollywood divas and not losing once their immutable and intrinsic beauty and value. If you truly want to dress to impress, pick a white pearl choker necklace to highlight your skin tone, neckline and natural beauty and pair with any type of evening gown you fancy.

Of course, the best choice is an off shoulder dress, but you can get inspired by fashion icons of yesterday and tomorrow when picking the right outfit.

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