Misconceptions About Holidaying in New York City

New York City is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. This might baffle a lot of the people who live there. After all, isn’t it just another city? Sure, New York City isn’t exactly an exactly an exotic place. There are plenty of things about it that will remind people a little too much of home, especially if the holiday goers are from somewhere like London. But there’s simply no denying that New York City has some kind of magic about it. It’s like so many places in the world, true. But there’s also no place in the world quite like it.

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Until you get there and see it yourself, there are a lot of misconceptions it’s possible to carry. Here are some of the most popular ones that people hold about NYC that should be dispelled before you get there.

It can’t be that cold in winter, surely?

A lot of people are convinced that NYC can’t be as cold as some people make out. This is especially true, again, for people coming in from London. London in winter is bitterly cold and people assume that NYC has got to be a little bit warmer. After all,  isn’t America a much sunnier place than home?



Unfortunately, the NYC winter is probably much more bitter than you imagine. One of the problems here is the fact that America still hasn’t gotten rid of their darn Fahrenheit system of temperature measurement. When people say the average NYC winter day hovers at about “25 degrees”, they’re talking about Fahrenheit, not Celsius. To the rest of the world, this can be translated to about “minus five degrees”. Make sure you take your warmest clothing with you!

Everything is crazy expensive

This is perhaps the most common misconception about NYC. It’s true that there a lot of expensive options when it comes to eating and accommodation. But you should remember that it’s still going to be a lot cheaper in general than more “exotic” holidays. You’re probably paying more to travel around London for a day than you would pay to stay in NYC for a day!



With the right research, you can get great deals on pretty much everything. There are cheap places to eat in pretty much every block. And I’m not just talking about McDonald’s. There are affordable pizzerias and Italian places everywhere. Hotels needn’t be too much of a strain on your wallet, either. Try looking up HotWire NYC hotels to find suitable prices.

It’s way too crowded and you can barely move

People often imagine NYC to be a heaving metropolis with barely any room to maneuver on the sidewalks. Yeah, NYC is pretty busy. But the roads and sidewalks are wide and you’ll probably find that you can walk around as easily as you can anywhere else.


In fact, NYC is a beautiful place to simply walk around in. Many are put off by the idea of just wandering around, opting instead to take the subway to get anywhere. But there’s plenty of room for walking freely in the city. There are even places like Central Park that offer some of the best walks in the world.

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