Top Ways To Look Great For That Interview!

Top ways to look your best

Getting an interview can be an exciting time, but can also make you very nervous. You need first to prepare for the questions they will be asking you, and what you want to ask about the job. But you should also make sure you are looking fabulous as appearance is very important at an interview. What you look like is one of the first things they will see when you walk in, so you need to make sure you are not looking scruffy! Here’re some top ways to wow them with your looks at that all important interview.

Dress smart

how to look your best

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Make sure that you do not go into an interview in any scruffy old clothes. Choose what you want to wear the night before, and iron them so it’s looking great. Not all interviews require a suit. If you are going to be speaking to clients or customers in a face to face role, then you should be wearing a full suit. But if it’s more of a creative job where you won’t have physical contact with customers, then it might not be necessary. You still need to be smart whatever so choose a skirt or a stunning dress so you impress. Make sure you feel comfortable as you will have to sit down for a while in your clothes.

Sort your makeup

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When you walk into an interview, they will be looking at what makeup you are wearing. As much as you should wear some makeup to help you look great, it’s not necessary to go in there with a face full of makeup. They will find you intimidating, and could put them off hiring you. A bit of lipstick and eyeliner will be excellent to help you to look great. A natural look will make your appearance look fantastic. You also need to sort out your eyebrows so they are not looking untidy. Make sure to pick a brow product that’s right for you to help them look great.

Accessorize well

You may be surprised to know, but they will also be looking at the accessorizes you are wearing. If they are too bright, it will take attention off you and your outfit. Try and stick to simple accessorizes that match well with your outfit. A necklace and a bracelet would be fine for an interview. A watch also goes down well as it shows them you are organized and likely to be on-time!

Check your shoes

Look your best

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A pair of wrong shoes can ruin your appearance for that important interview. Make sure that they are not dirty or muddy as they will think you are scruffy. Don’t wear any that has holes in the bottom as they may see them when you walk to the chair. Even if you can’t afford a new pair, use some polish to make sure they are looking sparkly and new. Also, if you are going to wear a heel, make sure you feel comfortable in them. And as this article explains, do not wear flip flops even if it’s warm weather. Trainers are not appropriate for an interview, as they will make your outfit look more casual.

If you follow the tips above, your appearance will impress, and you could be soon starting that new dream job!

how to dress the best

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