How to transform your backyard into a fun-filled place

I don’t know about you, but when spring roles around, I’m all about changing things around the house. I like to declutter, remodel, and get the house ready for some fun indoor/outdoor activities!

This year, I really want to make our backyard inviting to people and to have it look nice for parties or family time. I’ve been really interested in outdoor lighting as well. I swoon over all the cool Pinterest ideas for lighting a backyard. I love the night light effects with all the pretty little lights hanging in the trees, etc. It looks pretty easy to do, but I’m afraid that I’ll waste money on hundreds of lights that are likely to get tangled.


Well, I found a company that can help you change your backyard into a magical lighting bliss. They just happened to be named BlissLights! Their lighting system will transform your backyard into the awesome fun-filled place you know you want.

BlissLights has a laser holographic technology that projects thousands of pinpoints of lights onto any surface. These cool little lights allows you to shine thousands of lovely lights, with no fuss. BlissLights offers many colorful and dazzling effects that you can control with a simple click.

One pretty awesome lighting option is the “Firefly effect” that lots of home owners are starting to do. Have you seen this? To me it’s like every where is covered in stars.out

How cool is that?!

You can also shine BlissLights onto your dining area for a romantic, twinkling setting. Change up your ambiance in an instant, by simply plugging in.

how to use bliss lights

BlissLights Products feature: 

·       Firefly effects

·       Wide range of colors – single colored lighting and multi-colors available 

·       Indoor/outdoor laser projector

·       Built-in timer

·       Ground stake to keep BlissLights secure

·       Remote control

·       Plug in to any standard outlet

·       Never tangles


Right now,  BlissLights are giving you awesome people a 10% off coupon code this month. Just include SIXFEETBLISS in discount section.

I don’t know about you, but I think this would make a great Mother’s Day present for that favorite mom in your life. 😉

I’m just saying…
For more information, check out:


What’s your plans for your house this spring?


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