What Men Actualy Want In A Woman Is Finally Revealed!

what men want


It’s a question that women always wonder; what do men want from a lady! Most women spend most of their life trying to figure out what they can do to look and act better to entice that gorgeous man. However, every man is different and they all look for different things in ladies. Most people expect them to want the ideal woman who is perfect but this is not often the case. You may be surprised but every guy is also wondering what women want in a man! Therefore, it works both ways, and he will be trying his best to impress you. Here is the truth about what men want in their lady.

Beautiful eyes

You might be surprised to know that eyes are one of the things that guys first look at when they meet us. And if you have a beautiful set of eyes, it can make a guy want to get to know you! Some ladies try and wear a good eyeshadow and eyeliner to really emphasise their eyes so they look fabulous. As it says here, men really like it when a girl can hold eye contact with them. It makes them feel like the girl is really interested in what they are saying, and that they want to know more about them. It also makes a guy think that the girl is confident which is highly attractive. And women who have glasses shouldn’t worry too much; guys are really into a girl with specs and find them to look even more stylish.

Flipping their hair

You may be surprised to know that men actually like this, but they do find it a turn-on when girls flip their hair! It’s often joked about by girls, and in the media, but when they do it, it shows they are interested in a man. As this feature explains, it’s very seductive, and guys will instantly look at you if you are doing it. If your hair is in excellent condition, this makes it even more attractive to a man. Therefore, make sure you keep it nice when round a man.


Although most men are supposed to want a woman who will look after them and be a stay-at-home wife, it’s not actually true. Men are looking for ladies who have some ambition and are hoping to do well in their own careers. It makes them more appealing to men, and they can’t wait to get to know them better. After all, it’s so important to be able to hold down a sensible conversation. You don’t have to like everything they like; they love a girl to have her own life and hobbies. They also enjoy speaking to a sophisticated woman who can offer to pay for their share of the dinner. Also, it makes them more interested if you aspire to want a promotion or home in the future.

The truth about breasts

You might be surprised to know but men don’t always want a woman with big breasts. They will want to know the real you, whether or not you have the largest chest size. A lot of women try and get a bigger size, or even to reduce the size, as they don’t like how they look. It can often lead them to go to have surgery. You should try and feel comfortable with your body, as they will love your breasts, whatever the size!

Natural looks

You may think that guys want you to have a face full of makeup but this is not true. They love a natural look which will show off the real you. It can often put them off if you have a face full of makeup, and they will feel like you are intimidating. The same goes if you are worried about ageing lines or marks on your face. A lot of women try and get some cream to try, and remove the marks or spots. There are so many around so research and read LifeCell skin cream reviews to see if it’s for you. Or some ladies go under the knife to get a more natural face. Beauty is really important to guys, and they will be keen to speak to you if you have natural looks.

what men really need

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Good listener

Men are looking for a lady who is an excellent listener. They love being able to talk to you openly when they are having issues. If you just laugh it off or are too busy to talk to them, it’s a turn-off. As Love Tango reveals, men love speaking to women about problems. They often give them a better insight to their emotional problems than many of their male friends. Therefore, if you can offer a handy ear, they are bound to start thinking of you in a more intimate way!

Good with their friends

If you are happy to chat with their buddies, then you are seen as ideal for a man. They want to be able to spend time with their friends who have actually been in his life a lot longer than you! Imagine how your friends would feel if you started ignoring them when hanging out with a man. If you have just met a man, try and speak to their friends and go along with them on a night out. Make an effort to get to know them, and you will be in his good books.

Family is important to you

A guy really likes if your family is very important to you. It shows that you are caring, and want to spend time with them. It also makes them feel that you would be interested in your own family one day. If you meet their family, you should try and make an effort to get to know them. It can be hard sometimes, (think Monster in law) if they aren’t that friendly. But try and show you are willing to make an effort, and you will soon win over that man.

what men think

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A great smile

As well as your eyes, a winning smile is one of the first things men notice about a lady. If you smile a lot, they will definitely feel comfortable spending time with you, and want to get to know you better. You can practice your perfect smile in the mirror, and make sure you look after your teeth. A great smile can encourage a guy to speak to you. Some ladies even use some lip liner or a bright lipstick to show off their luscious lips.

Casual clothes

You may think that a guy is keen for you to wear short and sexy clothes but it’s not always the case. A lot of men prefer seeing you in your casual clothes when they meet you. It can ease any pressure they have, and will show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously. And a great pair of jeans shows off your bum which they will love!

what men really think

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Be spontaneous

You may not realise but a girl being spontaneous can actually really entice a man. As it says in this feature, they love a woman who can ‘go with the flow’ and is willing to try new things. Why don’t you try that new cuisine or activity with him; you may really enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to show off the real you, and have some fun, they will love it! Everything in life doesn’t have to be so structured. Sometimes it’s fine if you do activities that haven’t been planned. He will happy to be surprised if you decide to do something spontaneous.

You remember everything about the relationship

Guys love reminiscing about the past, and will find it sweet if a girl does the same. So if you are in a relationship, don’t be afraid to mention the time you first met or one of your memorable dates. They love that you are creating memories that will be unforgettable. Try and keep photo albums of the two of you for you both to look back at. Having a partner with an excellent memory will also help your chap out with remembering birthdays, as they will likely forget!

A good sense of humour

Most of all, a guy loves a girl with a great sense of humour. If you laugh a lot and are happy to joke around, it will make them really keen to get to know you. It’s crucial to have a great sense of humour as once the instant attraction goes; you need actually to get on well. You will be spending a lot of time together so it’s important to have a laugh. As this article says, when people on a dating site were questioned, 78% found a good sense of humour a turn on which often led to the bedroom! Therefore, don’t be too shy to laugh yourself silly.

whhat men really thinking

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If you follow the above, you are bound to find the man of your dreams. Remember, you should never change yourself for a man as they should like you the way you are.

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