The Ultimate Summer Garden Makeover

summer garden redo


If not now when? That is the burning question in the ultimate summer garden makeover. Now is the best time to get your garden ready to summer action. And not just any garden. Make this the garden of your dreams. Adopt the motto: Do it once and get it right! Let your imagination flow. Send yourself a request and wish list and be prepared to grant it. The summer garden of your dreams is waiting. Does it have a pool or a hot tub? Perhaps it has both! Would you like that amazing deck leading from the house? Or would you prefer to wind you way down a mystery path to a secluded beach style summer house? Whatever you want. You can have it.

Make your wish list.

It can be a good idea to order your priorities. Secluded havens might not suit rough and tumble kid zones. Play areas might not be the best idea for a fragrant garden of delicate flowers. If you love entertaining, you might want an oven or amazing bbq space. How about a pizza oven smoking away in the corner, producing some of the yummiest pizza in the world? You will have to work with what you have in terms of size. Pool experts at have fitted pools into all sizes of property. A restricted yard is no problem.

Budget it out

It will make real sense to give yourself a realistic budget. That will prevent you from being disappointed if you can’t get everything on your list. Though the truth is if you think in terms of smaller sizes, it could be very feasible. Decks can be combined with pools quite easily, and an eating areas could be worked into that. Sensitive painting can provide screen options, and even that secluded garden could be just hidden behind a piece of lattice fence.

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Pergolas can look stunning and use very little in the way of materials. A summer house is a shed with a decorative window. Don’t forget to include garden furniture. From deck chairs to sun loungers and tables and even outdoor sofas. The world is your oyster.

summer garden makeover

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Get to work

Use more brains than brawn. Hire plant to do the hard work. A mini digger is a brilliant way of moving earth, soil and stone. Find out about mini digger hire at Get your structural work done first and then bring in the planting. Keep the tea flowing and the workers happy. It is just a matter of weeks to see a garden completely transform. Once your plants are in and landscaping has been completed you will need to keep watering in. This is especially true in the drier weather. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to hit the deck, relax and even prepare to take a dip. Just how amazing is your garden going to be? Only you will know the answer to that. One thing is for sure; it will last for years and bring you and your family no end of pleasure.

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