Tic Stac Toe Review

Our family just love games and this one will change the way you think about the world’s oldest leisure activity, tic tac toe. Tic Stac Toe by Pressman Toy expands the tic tac toe board to four in a row and adding a third dimension to the game play. It combines strategy of tic tac toe and adds the concept of building skills and careful planning. With over 75 ways to win there will no longer be any tie games.

Tic Stac Toe

So, put down that paper and pencil and get building to win!

Tic Stac Toe contains 32 X pieces, 32 O pieces, 4 game tiles, 2 blocker pieces, and a rule booklet. It is recommended for ages 8 and older. Retails for approximately $24.99.

 In order to win you must get four in a row, but instead of just up, down and diagonally on the board, now there’s straight up, climbing up the board,  diagonally down the board and more. It’s kind of crazy awesome!

This extreme version of the classic X’s and O’s game, players have to think and plan as they move. There’s no way you can just blindly stack pieces with no rhyme or reason. This game will keep kids (and adults) engaged for a long afternoon.

Tic Stac Toe has won The Creative Child Award, The Tillywig Toy Award, and The Parents’ Choice Award. It is available at many retailers including, Toys-R-Us andWalmart and retails for approximately $24.99.

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