How to Make Sure your Curved Radiator Lasts Longer

Cheap curved radiators are the latest trend in home decor –learn how to make these durable, efficient radiators last longer! Keep reading!

making your curved radiator last longer

Curved radiators are all over Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook and even Instagram due to their interior décor fashion appeal and street cred –as they are all over celebrity homes, too.


Why Curved Radiators are Perfect for Any Home

Few home appliances appeal to both the mass product audience and the average luxury consumer like the curved radiator.


The many reasons why curved home radiators are so popular among the affluent and mass market consumers is simple; they look great, come in a limitless configuration of building materials, colours, custom shapes, and they make financial sense –they’re efficient and have the potential to cut down that power bill.


The appeal for curved radiators spans environmentally conscious consumers and luxury shoppers alike. Due to their ability to heat or cool rooms large and small, they also fit in those hard to reach, generally (and formerly) unusable spaces that are common in old Victorian homes –and even “tiny houses” –those made from repurposed shipping containers or travel on wheels.


There really is no end to their demand, and that’s a great thing for you but less so for your power utility company as they’ve also been well respected for taking a large bite out of electricity bills.


Available in all form factors you expect from their older, antique cast iron radiator siblings, curved radiators are a new, hot, beloved trend among interior decorators.


How to Make a Curved Radiator have a Longer Life Span

Getting the most out of your curved radiator is now easier than it ever was with older cast iron radiators. Using new, modern building materials, curved radiators are easier to clean and maintain than ever before.


In this article we are going to explore a handful of ways to ensure that you keep your curved radiator up to snuff for a longer lasting life span.


  1. Keep the Squeaky Clean


Any appliance that heats and/or cools your home is exposed to extreme temperatures all year around and this can really bake on dirt and grime. Keeping your curved radiator clean by keeping it on a proper monthly cleaning schedule will prevent this from happening.


  1. Fix Leaks as Soon as You Notice Them


Small “pin hole” leaks in copper piping to and from your curved radiator are not uncommon, no matter which radiator form factor you choose –not just cheap curved radiators. It is important to keep an eye out for these leaks to prevent costly damage to the radiator itself, and the surrounding area.


  1. Take the Air Out of the Pipes on a Regular Schedule


Releasing the contents of your radiator from time to time will allow you to keep them free of air bubbles. Air in your radiator pipes can lead to loud creaking sounds during operation, as well as more serious problems such as leaking around seams in pipes.


Releasing the contents of your radiator and attached pipes on a regular schedule (at least once per season) will keep your radiator alive and well for decades to come.


In Conclusion

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your home radiators running smoothly year after year. Their maintenance can be as easy as you’d like, as many opt for home radiator maintenance from a professional. Whichever you choose, we would like to hear from you about your home radiator experiences in the comments. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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