Saving on Your Next Vehicle: Getting a Better Deal From the Dealer

How to save on your next vehicle

Some people almost relish the opportunity to pit their wits against a car salesman and believe that they can negotiate a great deal with their bargaining skills, while others simply don’t know where to begin in trying to get a better deal from a dealer.

Whether you are trying to get a good price on Dodge parts in Canada or simply try to find the best possible price on a new car purchase, there are some tips and suggestions that could pay to follow when negotiating on price.

Budget is key

If you are planning to go and buy a new car, one of the most fundamental bits of advice to take on board is that you should set yourself a budget before you go and then stick to it when you are there.

Always be aware that a car salesman wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t try and persuade you to buy a slightly better and more expensive model than you intended to, or maybe they will try and convince you to add some extra features.

It can be very easy to go with the flow when you are in a sales environment and you are already in a buying frame of mind. Your goal should be to set a budget and stick to it and if anything, try to negotiate the price down rather than agree to spend more.

Use a checklist

If you are really unsure that you can hold your nerve in a negotiating situation, you might want to consider using a checklist with all of the things you want from your car and the finance deal.

Having this checklist is a great way of driving a deal with a salesman by using all of your requirements as a bargaining chip to see what they can offer you within the price you want to pay.

Never be afraid to walk away

You may really want a particular car but it always pays to walk into the showroom with the attitude that you are not afraid to walk away.

There is always another deal to be done if you can’t get this one tied up. Even if you don’t think that is the case, taking that mindset with you to the car lot will actually improve your bargaining skills and will improve your odds of getting what you want.

Don’t focus on the monthly payment

Many car buyers tend to focus on the monthly payment amount for the car finance rather than paying attention to the total price of the deal itself.

The problem with this approach is that a small increase in the monthly payment amount might seem insignificant if it allows you to get the car you want, but the reality is that this seemingly small amount could add a few hundred dollars at least to the total cost of the car.

Concentrate on negotiating the best total price for the car rather than the monthly payment and this will often result in you getting a more competitive deal and should save you money.

Carmen Meyers is a deal hunter! After helping friends and family save money on almost everything she has now taken to blogging to help spread the word and help a wider audience save money.



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