4 Ways for Men to Overcome Binge Eating

men binge eating

While most people would more readily associate eating disorders with the female gender, it is a commonly overlooked fact that men also suffer from diet-based afflictions. While conditions like anorexia are rarer in men, the practice of binge eating is equally common in both genders, as are the resulting consequences, like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and a whole host of other chronic health problems. Although many people try to dismiss their food addictions as normal personality traits by making excuses like “Oh, I just really love food,” the fact is that letting such behavior go without intervention can lead to serious health consequences. If you’ve been struggling with a similar situation, consider the following 4 tips for overcoming binge eating:

1. Learn to Recognize and Control Compulsive Urges

Research has shown a correlation between a tendency for compulsive behavior and binge eating. One of the best things you can do to bring your compulsive desires under control is to learn to recognize the difference between true hunger and a mood-induced compulsive urge. Oftentimes boredom, depression, anxiety or stress can bring about urges to eat, as you’re subconsciously trying to distract yourself with the comfort of food. Thus, the first step to take is to identify compulsive urges and practice discipline in resisting them throughout the day.

2. Eat Three Large Meals a Day

Another common cause of binge eating at night is a lack of calories consumed during the day. If you’re frequently going for long stretches without food during the day and find yourself coming home to pillage the fridge in the evening, you can easily fix this problem by scheduling three large meals per day. Be sure you’re splitting your daily caloric requirements up in these three meals and you’ll find that you won’t be nearly as tempted to eat the entire house when you get home from work.

3. Stop Dieting and Reduce Stress

While the suggestion to “stop dieting” might sound counterintuitive to someone who is trying to lose weight, the truth is that it’s better for you to gradually bring your food intake under control before you start trying to strictly cut out entire food groups. Why? Because no matter how hard you try, science has repeatedly shown that the majority of people who force themselves to abstain from foods they love will eventually return to eating them with a vengeance. In fact most binge eating cycles start when people finally break down and overindulge on the foods they’ve been missing.

4. Consider Professional Intervention

If nothing else seems to work and you just can’t stop binge eating on a regular basis, you might have a serious problem with food addiction. At this point it might be best to seek help in the form of professional eating disorder treatment for men. Some medical conditions can keep you from properly regulating hunger urges. Thus, in some cases the only way to find the cause of the food addiction and stop binge eating for good is to discuss your case with a trained professional.

Don’t Be Ashamed or Afraid

Finally, two of the most detrimental emotions that keep people from conquering their food addiction are fear and shame. Understand that there are millions of people out there dealing with this very same issue. You’re not alone in having this problem, and you won’t be alone in finding a solution either.

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