5 Things that are Easy Gifts for Christmas

easy christmas gifts

Christmas shopping for gifts for everyone on your list can definitely be challenging, as well as expensive. Thankfully, there are a variety of gifts that are surprisingly easy and affordable. Continue reading for a helpful list of five things that are easy gifts for just about anyone on your Christmas list.

1.      Yummy Cookies and Cakes

People use the holiday season as a reason to indulge in delicious desserts, such as cakes and cookies. After all, you can work off those extra calories after the New Year has started; for now, it is time to reward yourself for all of your hard work throughout the past year. Some companies will create gift baskets loaded with gourmet cookies delivered to your favorite people, so this is even easier because you don’t even need to worry about wrapping or delivering the gift, and it’s ideal for recipients who live far away.

2.      Decorative Candles

If you know anyone who absolutely loves candles, you can purchase a few and place them into a gift basket to make a stunning display. Choose a variety of fragrances, sticking with candles that are made of high quality natural wax and wicks, which are better for the environment and better for the health of humans and their pets. Or make your own candles if you want to get really crafty and have total control.

3.      Coffee Mugs and Coffee

For the coffee addict in your life, why not put together a little gift bag or basket that features some of their favorite flavored coffee? You can purchase coffee beans either already ground up or in the form of whole beans, and you can complete this attractive and tasty gift with a new fun mug that exemplifies the gift recipient’s style, such as a cute cat mug for the animal lover on your list.

4.      Gift Cards

No list of easy Christmas gifts would be complete without mentioning gift cards. While these may seem pretty impersonal and may come across like you didn’t put any thought into the gift, the truth is that people really like receiving gift cards because it’s basically free money they can use to buy whatever they want. Consider where your gift recipient loves to shop, or opt for a gift card that’s really special because it gives them money to spend at a store that’s typically too expensive for their budget.

5.      Books or Music

Know someone who absolutely loves to read? Have you recently read a book or two that you think they’d enjoy just as much as you did? Then why not purchase those books, wrap a ribbon around them, and provide the perfect gift? And for the music lover in your life, you can do the same with a couple of new albums or perhaps even some classic vinyl records that will feature their favorite artists and songs.

With these 5 easy gifts this Christmas, you can ensure everyone on your list gets something that they love from you. You can feel great for giving fantastic gifts, and you’ll hopefully get equally fabulous gifts from your loved ones in return.

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