How Clean is Your Water? Zero Water Review

*I received a Zero Water pitcher for my honest review.

Zero Water Review

I’ve always been one to never use the water out of the faucet if possible. I do not like the thought of all the junk that’s allowed to be in the water that we give our babies. I also really hate how much our water smells like bleach. So, I use filtered water instead. I’m always looking to try out filter systems to get the best water filtering as possible. I was excited to do a Zero Water review, because our water pitcher we had just broke and I was just planning on getting a new one!

Zero Water

Zero Water (ZW) is a filter system that can be used to  produce clean drinkable water. Just add water to the top of the jug and it dispenses clean water. The newly launched Ready-Pour Pitcher from ZeroWater has a sealed lid and reservoir that enables consumers to pour water that has already been filtered without spilling water that’s still filtering, taking waiting out of the equation.  In addition, the Ready-Pour from ZeroWater removes 99.6% of contaminants and offers the purest tasting water on the market. It even comes with a hand held meter that measures Total Dissolved Solids (TDS.), which is any detectable dissolved solid particles int the water.


I wanted to see the difference of the water I drink most, which is bottled water. So, I tested my bottle water and it tested at 25.This was very interesting! I decided to test our faucet water and it was super high like in the 90’s!

So, I was anxious to see if Zero Water will live up to it’s name. I tested the water from Zero Water and you guessed it, it was 0!

What I love…

I really love how Zero Water can generate such clean water in such an efficient way. The cartridges are actually a five-stage water filter system. Water is put through sediment, carbon, and De-Ionizing (DI) resin.

Does Zero Water filter out chlorine?

Yes!  Chlorine is filtered out to an undetectable level. No more bleach smell. ; )

How about fluoride?

 Zero Water filters reduce organic, inorganic, and radiological elements out of water. Fluoride is an inorganic element and therefore, is treated with Zero Water.

So, when I see zeroes, that means there are no detectable solids in the water; no chlorine and no fluoride.

What’s not to love about that?

I definitely need to get some more Zero Water pitchers for family and friends. I would recommend this to anyone looking to change their water quality  and health.

Purchasing & Company Information
You can buy Zero Water from their website, Target and Amazon . You can look on their website to learn more about their patented filters or other questions about how their system works.

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