4 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bedroom

bedroom remodeling

While the kitchen is the room most often remodeled in a home, with bathrooms coming in a close second, many homeowners are intent upon remodeling the master bedroom they have been sleeping in so long. It may just be a matter of growing tired of the current layout and décor and there may be functional issues at stake. Whatever the reason you are considering a remake on your bedroom, here are four things to consider before you get under way.

Longevity of Décor

When you are just plain tired of the same old look you have had for the past decade or more, a bedroom remodeling project may be the solution. However, one mistake that many homeowners make is to follow trends too closely when choosing décor. Keep in mind that fashions fly in and out like the wind and if you are going to be sinking a lot of money into your bedroom, you surely won’t want it decorated in a style that will be obsolete by the following year.

Rather than choose outlandish hot colors as they trend, it is suggested that you try bright or earthy tones based on your personal preference. Some people steer clear of such colors as bright yellow since it almost lightens the room too much and actually hinders getting a good night’s rest. If you are either looking to list your home for sale in the near future or looking to save money on future renovations, pay careful attention to décor that may not be as fashionable in the near future.

Market Value vs. Comfort

Speaking of listing your home for sale, one thing you need to consider is what is called an over improvement. Yes, your home is likely to sell much quicker with a few renovations, but will you be spending more money than the net value those renovations add? Also, your home may not sell as quickly as you would like and you are going to need to live with the changes you make.

It is always suggested that you remodel your bedroom with a strong focus on comfort. Whether you need to add windows, install new frames and panes of glass or perhaps close off windows that do nothing for the overall appeal of the room, windows are a huge factor in terms of comfort. They can let sun in on sunny days and be opened to allow fresh air in on warm summer days. However, windows can also hinder climate control if they are not sealed appropriately. By all means update your windows if you must, but be careful what types of windows you install.

Aging with Your Home

One of the things you should think about when remodeling your master bedroom is your age and how long you intend to live in your home. As we grow older, there are a number of factors involved in seeing to our personal comfort. If you are going to also remodel the master bathroom, you may want to consider installing handrails to prevent slipping as you become less steady on your feet. From handrails near the toilet to seats in your tub, there are some improvements you can make to ensure your elder years will be made that much safer.

Your bed is going to be an important consideration as well. Many older people find that they need to sleep in a semi reclining position so they need a bed that can raise and lower the head. Perhaps you intend to rest often while watching your favorite show in the bedroom. You may wish to consider an adjustable bed base that allows you to recline or sit up as needed.

Climate Control

Finally, climate control in the bedroom is of extreme importance. Do you have central heating and air in your home? If so, this may never be an issue. However, if your home is not well insulated and you don’t have central climate control, you may want to consider how you will better keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Seeing to those outdated windows is just the start!

Many homeowners add spray insulation prior to painting or papering their walls to add that extra protection against changes in temperature outdoors. It isn’t difficult to do and you will not need to tear down any walls. Electric floorboard heaters can be installed or even contemporary electric radiators can work nicely to warm up an area the size of a typical master bedroom.

The bottom line is that you need to be aware of how to best protect your investment. Don’t choose décor that will soon be out of fashion as it will be a waste of money. Think about your ultimate reasons for remodeling your bedroom and that should be your guideline. Selling your home? Update but don’t over improve. Looking for comfort? Choose function over fashion. Sometimes it’s just this easy.

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