The Importance of Climate Control for Your Complexion

how climate controls your complexion

So many women spend a ton of money on cosmetics to keep their skin smooth and supple when they forget about the fact that environmental factors can actually be the ultimate reason they need help in the first place! If you are looking to improve your complexion naturally with fewer cosmetics or pharmaceutical products, you might be interested in learning about how the climate you live in affects the color and texture of your skin.

Why Skin Is So Vulnerable to Climate

In school you studied that your skin is actually a body organ and, in fact, the largest organ of the body. However, it is also the most vulnerable to external elements because it is the outermost layer. Skin is subjected to heat, cold, dry air, moisture, rays from the sun, chemicals in the atmosphere, dust in the air and the list could go on and on. If you are looking at how to get climate to work for you towards better skin, it is vital that you understand just how climate affects your complexion.

Living in Hot, Arid Climates

Without a doubt the absolute worst climate for your complexion would be one where the bulk of the year is hot and dry. Such places as the deserts in Arizona can wreak a great deal of havoc on your skin. Yes, some of the days and evenings do get cooler in winter months but all that hot sand whipping around is known to cause dry, cracked skin that needs constant attention. Dermatitis is a real issue in this type of climate.

Warm, Moist Tropical or Sub-Tropical Climates

You would think that moist tropical or sub-tropical climates would be good for your complexion but this may not be the case. For fairer skinned women, all those UV rays that can penetrate even the darkest clouds can do untold amounts of damage to your skin. If you live in a tropical climate where you will be exposed to an inordinate amount of direct sunlight, don’t forget to invest in a high quality, high SPF value sunscreen.

Cooler Climates with Fewer Ultra-Sunny Days

Many women long for that golden, bronze tan but in reality, living in cooler climates with fewer ultra-sunny days is the best type of climate for a smooth and supple complexion. There is moisture in the air that keeps the skin moisturized and there are fewer damaging UV rays to contend with. While UV rays can filter through clouds, those rays reach locations with cooler climates at a different angle, thus doing so much less damage to your skin. Traditionally, British women are thought to have some of the finest complexions on earth because this is the climate they live in daily. Summers do get warm, hot even, but those days are few and short lived.

Combination Hot/Dry Summers with Cool/Moist Winters

In areas such as Fresno, California, it is vital to pay careful attention to climate control. This type of region suffers from very hot and dry summer days but will give way to cool, moist winters. You may not be as comfortable during those colder months but your skin will feel so refreshed. In the summer, it is suggested that you pay careful attention to staying out of the sun for extended periods and using climate control within your home to keep temperatures cool yet moist enough to promote smooth and supple skin tone.

Few Locations Are Ideal Twelve Months of the Year

As you can see from the sampling of climates above, few places are ideal every day of the year. Some locations such as Great Britain do have climates that are conducive to supple, moist complexions, but even here there are days that take a toll on the outermost layer. Dermatologists suggest that the road to a better complexion should be paved with both climate control and the use of good cosmetic products. In hotter, drier months it will be necessary to add a moisturizer with sunscreen to your daily regimen while working to keep the climate within your home cool enough to keep your skin from cracking.

It can’t be stated enough that climate control is a vital factor in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Pay attention to temperature, humidity and exposure to direct sunlight and particulates in the atmosphere. Good climate control offers protection from three of those four issues and this is why you can never underestimate its importance both at work and at home. If we all lived in an ideal climate this would not be an issue. This will help you make corrections as needed, ensuring the loveliest skin tone possible where you live.

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