Why Do Engagement Rings Feature Diamonds?

Diamonds are not only the world’s hardest gem, but also the most versatile. Custom designs by reputable jewellers further personalize engagement rings or earrings.

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Let’s make it crystal clear (as crystal clear as the diamond you want on your engagement ring finger): you are phenomenally lucky to live in this day and age – notably, because it’s very likely that when you get engaged, you’ll be given a beautiful diamond ring.

“Breaking” Tradition

Historically, this wasn’t always the case. Yes, in today’s world, you can find finely custom crafted diamond rings handmade to perfection at www.diamondsforless.ca. Apparently, in England, somewhere back in time, a couple broke a piece of gold or silver in half and subsequently, each kept a piece. After the breaking of the aforementioned gold or silver, the man and woman drank a glass of wine thus signifying they were engaged. A far cry from today’s more common and coveted presentation of a beautiful diamond ring.


In America, sewing thimbles were given to women as the symbol of their engagement (Yikes! Talk about a testament to domesticity!). Later, after the couple married in a wedding ceremony, the bottom of the thimble was then cut off and turned into a ring for her to wear for the duration of marriage.

 When Diamonds Were Extremely Rare

Diamond rings were very rare, so when you read about someone being given such gift (such as Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477), it’s quite an occasion.

 The Discovery

When diamonds were discovered in South African mines in the 1870s, the precious gem was suddenly more available and a lot less expensive.

 The Monopoly

How would they keep the prices up? The same way they do now – they created a monopoly. In 1888, a bunch of major South African mines merged to form De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd., a cartel, which controlled the flow of diamonds from South Africa to the world.

 The Revival Campaign

By 1938, the preceding decade saw the declining interest in diamonds, so in 1938 De Beers launched a major campaign to get people to want diamonds (and by people we mean Americans). With the promotional assistance of the hottest celebrities at the time, they were able to rack up diamond sales by more than 50% in the first three years of the campaign.

 What Solidified the Diamond Engagement Ring in Current Culture

In 1947, copywriter Frances Gerety coined the now legendary phrase “A diamond is forever,” and there was a major trajectory – through the roof – on diamond engagement ring sales.

Ideal First-Anniversary Present

Yes, traditionally, the first wedding anniversary present is “paper,” but we’d like to see a newlywed who would be thrilled to receive a ream of paper or even just a card. Certainly a well-crafted letter or poem will be a welcome gift to your beloved, but why not kick it up a notch? As you prepare to walk down the aisle, it would make sense to consider a special anniversary present. Why not opt for diamonds earrings in Toronto by Diamond for Less?

The store’s comprehensive website offers an array of choices, and they also will create a custom design. After you’ve settled on a style of earrings, choose your diamond – based on your preference for shape, carat, clarity, colour, and cut.

 Prepared Presentations

While a diamond engagement ring isn’t mandatory, as history has demonstrated, a diamond engagement ring is much more than just a beautiful piece of precious jewellery designed to be worn daily and looked upon with great affection. A diamond engagement ring is a significant investment – not just financially, but a symbol of commitment. And what better way to confirm your commitment than to present her with a pair of diamond earrings, which will harken back to when you proposed with a diamond ring, and solidify your feelings?

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