Sell Your Home Yourself! Book Review: Simple and Sold

This book couldn’t of came at a better time for us! We have been kicking around the idea of moving (ok, getting the hubby on board has been the problem!) for quite some time. I never had to deal with first selling a house to go to a new one. When I purchased my first home, I was a single mom with two kids and renting. So, it was super easy process: Found a home. Gave 30 day notice. End of story.

Now, it gets a bit harder.

You need to find a home you love, then sell yours. Or is it, sell yours, then find your dream home? What about finding a realitor? Do you need one? How about selling it yourself? That’s where Sissy Lappin steps in.

Book for selling your own home

Her book, Simple and SOLD – Sell Your Home Fast and Keep the Commission #1 FSBO Guide, will inspire you to take on the task of selling your home yourself. With a little training, you can do a far better job selling their home than a real estate agent ever could. If you think about it, who knows your home better? Her method will teach you how to sell your home yourself and save the real estate commission, which means saving thousands of dollars and a huge percentage of your equity!

Successful real estate broker Sissy Lappin is not ready to quit job, but she wants to help those who want (or need) to sell their home themselves. She created this start-to-finish program to give homeowners practical, relevant advice from a neutral, objective and experienced perspective.

Lappin knows that home sales don’t have to be nearly as complicated as real estate agents would make you think. All you need to effectively sell a home is the willingness to learn and follow her system in the steps she lists.

Simple and SOLD will make you feel like you have Sissy right along your side as you use her proven tools and strategies used by the best real estate insiders. Heck, you might end up knowing the business better than many agents out there!

I highly, highly recommend this to anyone looking to sell a house. You absolutely will get every penny’s worth from this book!


We love free things! we were given this book for review-all opinions are ours. Don’t worry, we got your back! Oh, and there might be some tiny affiliate links in there as well-don’t worry, they won’t charge you more if you buy something-some chocolate chip cookies might fall from the sky. Could you handle that?

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