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If you missed my post about the challenge I started in August, I announced that I would be finding 2500 side hustles (in a year’s time) that would pay me $25 each time.  These side gigs could be something that I only do once, or over and over. I love the response to this challenge and I invite others to join in and share their ideas on how to make $25.

So, how have I done so far?

Not too bad!

I really hit the ground running-I already knocked out 29 hustles by the 31st! Considering I didn’t start until August 18th, I am very proud of myself!

What I did:

Writing for clients:

24 gigs =$600

These were “mini” and quick writing assignments that wouldn’t compare to my usual fee amount I charge. I contacted previous clients and asked if they had light writing work they would be willing to hire me for.


1 gig=$25 (after expenses)

I sold an item I received for free from a source. I plan on listing more this week, so we’ll see if I get any bites. If you plan on doing eBay, I think just using a grand total of items and dividing it by 25 would be fine so you aren’t just selling $25 items.

Date Night Sitting:

1 gig=$25

I watched a friend’s child so they could go out for dinner.

Affiliate Sales:

3 gigs=$75

This was for a new affiliate company that I just started. For everyone that does blogging on the side, blogging gigs can be considered side hustles.

Mini Photo Shoot:

1 gig=$25

I did a 15 minute photo shoot for a friend. Since I’m not doing portrait photography fulltime anymore, I consider this a side hustle for me.

Grand total: 29 gigs= $725

I already have lots of ideas for this month already. If you are doing this challenge as well ( you don’t have to set such a large goal as I am), I suggest sitting down and figuring out what talents you can cash in on, or what “need” there is in your community that people are willing to pay you to do.  I think the internet will probably be my biggest source (and most desired) of side hustle opportunities.

I’m very interested in your ideas as well! Please leave a comment for me and give me an idea for what I can do for $25 (be nice and  rated PG rated please!).

Stop by next month and see how I’m doing!






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