Tips for Coming Out Stunning in Photographs


Do you always want to come out stunning in photographs and bring out your very best features in every image? Then continue reading for a few tips that will allow you to do just that, whether you’re getting ready for a professional photo shoot with a company like Fashot or you simply want to look your best in your photos on social media.

Face the Light

Whenever you aren’t utilising flash, be sure to face the light source in the room. Face it straight on rather than from the side so that it can shine right onto your face and clear any imperfections. A lamp, window, doorway, or streetlight could also work when it comes to finding sources of light, so face in the direction of the source.

Bring Out Your Eyes

Using mascara and curling your lashes is the perfect way to really open up and brighten your eyes, which are going to act as the focal point of your photograph. Draw people in with your pretty gaze and use the right eye makeup to really maximise the impact that your eyes make. The basic rule is that the more open your eyes are, the more light can hit them and make them sparkle.

Use Makeup Contouring Techniques

Contouring techniques, applied correctly, can dramatically change the look and shape of your entire face. It can work to bring out your best features, soften imperfections, and reduce the size of your nose. It’s no wonder that contouring is used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

To learn how to contour your face, there are many tutorials online, or you can have a consultation with a makeup artist who can teach you how to do it right. You can start by simply applying your favourite non-shimmer bronzer along your nose, beneath the cheekbones, and down the jaw to give your face more definition and depth when photographed.

Avoid the Dreaded Double Chin

Even if your face and neck are thin, you can still come out looking like you have a double chin in a photograph. To avoid this, simply work on elongating your neck and pushing your face a little bit forward, without overdoing it. Tilt the chin slightly downward while sticking the forehead out a bit. This might feel a little weird at first, but you’ll get the hang of it and love the way you look in the pictures.

Look and Feel Confident

Even if you have the best makeup and lighting, you won’t come out as attractive in photos as someone who really feels confident from the inside out. So make it a point to be at ease and completely comfortable, and have some fun while taking photos of yourself. This confidence will come through in the photos and the viewer will notice it in your eyes, posture, and facial expression.

By implementing the tips above, you’ll always look your best in photos, whether you’re being photographed with professional studio equipment or you’re simply out and about taking photos with your mobile phone.

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