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How to have a profitable garage sale

I am super passionate about researching “how to start business/make money at home” ideas. I even ran a site for years about it, wrote many articles on the topic and tried out several businesses ideas myself over the years. I love hearing about business ideas, success stories, etc. I’m a total work-for-yourself junkie.

I also am a big fan on doing what has been coined as “side hustles” around the internet. I do many extra income tasks to cover unexpected expenses, trips, etc. I paid for our vacation to Disney World this way last year.

I was thinking about ways to make extra income in the shower the other day (where most of my ideas pop up-lol) and I decided to do an experiment for myself-and you guys-to see if in a year’s time, I could figure out how to make $25 x 2500 times. This comes out to be $62,500. That wouldn’t be too bad to make just as a side job!

Now, you are probably wondering how this would work, right?

Well, I’ll tell ya!

How this experiment will go is like this; I will find a way to make $25 doing some kind of side hustle. It might be a one time job that I’ll never do again, or an ongoing gig that someone pays me $25 over and over, or selling something with a profit of $25, etc., etc. Then, I will subtract each $25 from the 2500 times goal.

You might be wondering, why “$25″? Why not go faster with $50, or $100? Well, I feel that $25 is easier for people to part with whether it be for a service provided, a product to sell, etc. When you ask too much, it’s harder to earn. On the flip side, if you only made it for $5 or $10, too little would be too much work and feel like a full time job.

I think this will be fun to do and even though I might not reach my goal (but, I’m going to try very, very hard!), it will be nice to have any extra money. My one rule is that I am not allowed to touch any of it until the year is over.

I’m also going to keep you updated in case you might want to do it as well, so to give you ideas on how I make each $25 and so you can follow the count down. I’ll post a monthly income report at the end of each month with details.

Since I’m starting late in the month this month, I probably won’t have as much to report, but I’m motivated to get going and see what I come up with!

Sooooo, this officially starts today! Wish me luck and I hope you check back each month to see how I’m doing and if you are daring, start as well. : )

Do you do side hustles? Are you up for this challenge as well? Let me know in the comments!

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