iCoffee Opus Review #productreview

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I love coffee.

even though I should not have it…

So, when iCoffee offered to send me one of their brewers, I agreed. There are certainly  things I liked about the iCoffee.

Let’s go over the iCoffee Opus by Remington.


iCoffee Opus Review


This coffee brewer is so darn pretty. It’s way bigger then I’m used to, but it’s so shiny and I love how it lights up blue and very fancy. It really is impressive-looking on my counter and I show everyone that comes over.

“Hey, look at this awesome coffee maker! Do you want a cup?”

“Um, thanks ma’am, but I’m just here to look at the plumbing in your bathroom.” 


I love this feature!! We actually went to the store last night and it was like being in a candy store. We bought caramel coffee, hot chocolate, tea and even McCafe for the hubs because he loves their coffee.

AND it comes with a reusable pop-top cup that you can fill with coffee not in pods. Score on being able to put my favorite organic coffee in it!




With the iCoffee Opus, you can select the number of ounces in the cup you’re filling up and the machine will brew accordingly. So, if you want stronger coffee you could grab a larger mug/travel mug and select a smaller number of ounces.


icoffee pods

We all like our own type of coffee; The hubs likes strong, I like flavored coffee, the kids like hot chocolate. So, it was cool to get coffee samples to try out-there were even organic coffees included!


I love my new iCoffee Opus and we all plan on using it daily (I mean, we ALREADY use it daily)! and now all I need is a pod tree for all our pods. : )

icoffee_logo_vector_bean-300x72NOTE:iCoffee   iCoffeeOpus was sent to me free of charge by the iCoffee people to be reviewed for this blog. Also note that I am honest in my reviews, regardless of the price I paid (or did not pay).
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