Cake Delivery? Here’s How to Avoid a No-Show

Hosting an event can be quite stressful. Here’s how to avoid the most dreaded party mishap of all: the cake delivery no-show.


Image by jacksonblack via Flickr

 Hosting any event can be quite stressful, and it does not matter whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, or a graduation celebration. With so much in one’s mind, it is easy for even the most seasoned event planner to miss a detail or have something go amiss.

While many articles on the internet will discuss how to plan a successful event from a high level, few discuss how to address one of the biggest event disasters imaginable; the cake that never does arrive!

In order to prepare our readers for anything that might happen, we thought we would unload some of our best tips for avoiding the infamous event cake no-show because you never know; and it is probably best to be prepared!

Here are our best tips for avoiding any difficulties with receiving your cake:

  1. Plan Ahead

Most cake deliveries will take place without a hitch but just in case, it is wise to plan ahead. If you have errands to run on “game day”, or you plan to clean the house or venue prior to the event, a distraction, loud vacuum, or not being home at the right time could put a serious damper on your event and add unnecessary stress since you may not hear the doorbell or be aware that your cake delivery has come and gone.

Have a clear event day schedule set in advance, and let your baker/cake delivery vendor know what you are up to around the scheduled time of your Sydney birthday cake delivery.

2.  Make Sure They Know Where to Deliver

When you order your cake it is important to keep in mind that your cake delivery driver may not know where exactly your event is taking place. This is often a complexity overlooked during communication, so instead of simply providing an address, we suggest providing a Google Map of your location.

It might be wise to enquire whether they understand where your event location is, whether they have been there before, how long it will take to deliver, the timing of the delivery (rush hour?), how many other cake deliveries they might have that day, and as to whether or not there are any alternative routes they might go should there be any accidents or horrible traffic.

3. Communicate with Your Vendor

Stay ahead of the game by contacting your vendor the day before and during your event to ensure that there a no surprises waiting that could cause a hiccup in your plans. Verify the time of delivery and that your vendor is aware of where your event is being held; ask if they have any questions to avoid problems before they arise. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of.. cake?

4. Have an Emergency Contact

If anything can go wrong, it is best to prepare for it going wrong. Hope for the best, expect the worst, I always say.

If all other planning in advance fails, make sure you have an emergency contact on file and let your vendor know in advance. Your emergency contact could be a family member, party organizer, event planner, or a neighbour; just make sure whomever you select is highly reliable.


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