5 Must Have Luxury Accessories

beltDo you always lust after the latest accessories? Most of us do, but few of us can actually afford them. However, if you plan on investing in any accessories at all, make it the following 5 must-haves:

A Man Bag

Investing in a high quality man bag is a very good idea. Man bags are becoming more and more popular in male fashion. Most men are beginning to realise that owning a man bag doesn’t make them girly. It makes them efficient and practical! Women get to carry around ridiculous sized bags to hold lipgloss and a mobile phone, so why can’t a man have a bag to carry his essentials? They’re great for business men or even just men who want to amp up their style.

A Leather Jacket

You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket, whatever the occasion. Some leather jackets can cost hundreds of pounds, but you need to view it as an investment. Many leather jackets will last you years and years, if not a lifetime! If you buy one you love that goes with everything, it’s definitely worth the splurge.

Leather Wallet

Faux leather wallets look great at first, but they don’t last very long at all. A couple of weeks heavy use is all it takes for one to begin to fall apart. A real leather wallet will last years, and develop character the more you use it. There are a ton of leather wallets for men to choose from, so you are bound to find one you like. You want to make sure your money, cards, and other valuables are taken care of, so invest in one of these!

A Quality Watch

Something else all men should think about investing in: a quality watch. They can take a while to save up for, but it’s worth it when you have a spectacular piece of arm candy to show off at special occasions! A quality watch lasts a lifetime, but you’ll more than likely want to start a little collection once you have a taste for great watches. There are everyday watches. special occasion watches, and watches in between. Make sure you set a budget and do a lot of research before you pick the perfect watch for you. There are hundreds of brands and features depending on your lifestyle!




Designer Shoes

One of the first things people look at when talking to a man is his shoes. Designer, well made shoes won’t get ruined easily, and they’ll always give off the right impression. Shoes like this can be worn to weddings, on nights out, and even to business interviews. It’s worth getting a good pair that goes with everything!

If you ever buy a luxury accessory in your life, make it one of these. They can help to give off a great impression and enhance any look. Just make sure you can afford it – don’t go into debt for a luxury accessory! There are a ton of other quality accessories on the market that won’t cost you as much money. You just need to do a little research!

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