5 Natural Ventilation Tips For Your Home

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Summer is in full swing! While you love the longer days jam-packed with summer festivals and outdoor activities, you don’t love how hot your home is when you return in the evenings. Whether you are looking to save some money on cooling costs, or if your goal is to be “green” in your energy usage, there are many practical and effective natural ventilation options to keep you cool on those hot summer nights. Natural ventilation allows fresh outdoor air into your space without the use of air conditioning, fans, or any mechanical devices. Here are five ways that you can use natural ventilation right away in your home today.

1. Frequently Open Your Windows

This is probably the easiest, and most obvious solution, however, it is one that is often underutilised. While you may have noise, dirt, or safety concerns, opening windows is the best way to reduce the need for cooling systems. If you’re worried about dust or bugs coming through, screens might be good options to keep unwanted elements out. To keep windows open but prevent them from opening too wide, try a window actuator to restrict window movement while still allowing air to flow through. Check out tealproducts.com for a wide range of natural ventilation options for windows.

2. Opt for Wicker or Bamboo Furniture

These materials are lighter and encourage airflow and do not retain heat. You might have only thought of them as patio furniture, but using them indoors is a great way to keep your home cool. Wicker and bamboo furniture is a lot more comfortable to sit on during the summer months, especially if your usual sofas are made of materials like leather.

3. Add Water Elements

Water can act as a transition space where air will cool a bit before passing into your home. Outside, try adding small pools or a fountain. Indoors, you can used small water features that you might see in many Asian home deigns.

4. Use Your Floor Plan for Cross-Ventilation

You already know to open up your windows; however, it’s best to plan out a strategy of which doors and windows to keep open that will maximise airflow. For example, opening lower windows on the cooler side of your home and higher windows on the warmer side improves the natural flow of air. Visit Elizabeth Gatlin’s website on creating airflow in different floor plans, to find some tricks that will work well for your home.

5. Invest In Ground Coverings

Depending on the type of ground material surrounding your home, more heat may be likely to travel indoors. A great solution is to cover pavement with grass or groundcovers. This will prevent the ground from retaining heat and allow cooler air to naturally flow into your home. And a bonus is that you will instantly increase the curb appeal of your home, transforming it into a beautiful paradise!

By implementing even a few of these natural ventilation techniques, not only will you experience a cooler home, but you will benefit from a lower energy bill and enjoy the great breezes and smells that only come from summertime!

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