How to Design a Home Office You’ll Actually Work In

how to design a home office

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Working from home comes with its perks, but it is also very easy to get distracted while you are at home. And it can also be difficult to create a home office that is truly distraction-free and dedicated entirely to working. However, there are ways that you can design a home office that you will actually want to work in and that you will be motivated to stay in while you focus on getting things done. Continue reading to learn how.

Set a Balanced Tone That Feels Right to You

The right workspace for you could be completely different from the right workspace even for your spouse, so bear in mind that the office should be customised to suit your needs. But you also have to maintain the right balance, and you can do this by following a few simple guidelines that can be applied to any room, no matter how customised.

First off, keep the room organised, neat, and clean, with enough open space. Find furniture that has plenty of storage space, or purchase separate organisers that you can place in the room. Just make sure that these match the rest of the d├ęcor.

Create a balance when it comes to the colours throughout the space. Rather than having a completely bright room, as an example, add some darker tones to balance it out. This will provide a space that’s inviting and stimulating yet grounding.

Finally, add personal touches, such as your own artwork, photographs that mean something to you, or inspirational quotes in frames. But, again, don’t overdo it and avoid cluttering the space. Things should be easy to see and easy to find.

Stay Comfortable

If you do not feel comfortable in your home office because the chair that you sit in causes back pain, as an example, it is time to make it comfortable so that you can work long hours and still feel great at the end of the day.

For the best results, keep the top of the computer’s screen at your eye level, or even a little below your eye level. Adjust your desk chair so that you can rest your feet firmly on the ground. And make sure that the chair that you use provides enough support for your particular body.

Take It Outside

Another way to create a really unique home office is by putting it in an outdoor garden room that’s surrounded by the foliage and wildlife that visit your backyard. For more information on the many different types of garden rooms available and the companies that can help you construct them, you can do a simple search online. And if you are a DIY type of person, you can even construct a garden room yourself so that it is completely customised and will encourage you to get to work every day.

With these tips, you’ll definitely be able to create a home office that you’ll love to spend time in, and this will motivate you to spend more time working, getting things done, and bringing in more money.

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