How to Create a Truly Unique Bedroom Space

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Your bedroom should reflect who you are and what you love. It should be your retreat; a place that you can go to every day and night to unwind and rejuvenate. So avoid going the cookie-cutter route and following what everyone else is doing. Instead, create your very own, and truly unique, bedroom with the tips below.

Choose a Central Theme

If you can choose a central theme for your bedroom, you can then design it around that theme. This should make the process of designing and decorating the space easier, especially if you keep the theme and a particular colour scheme in mind.

So, for example, if you’re a surfer or a scuba diver and you absolutely adore the ocean, or if you simply want your bedroom to always feel like a seaside retreat, work around that theme and choose décor and colours, such as pale blue and green, that will work perfectly with that theme.

Make Your Bed Fit for Royalty

Start off with a mattress that you’ll love sleeping on, opt for a decorative headboard that’s modern and new, and then dress up your bed by looking for great accessories from a cotton bedding sets shop and other interior design shops.

Many people love using thick duvets, especially in the winter, but will swap those out for less heavy options in the summer. And throughout the year, you can place plush decorative pillows on your bed in order to always have something soft to land on, even while lounging during the day.

Again, you want to decorate your bed in a way that will stick with your central theme for the entire space, and because your bed is really the focal point of the room, make sure that it really exemplifies the theme you chose.

Make Your Own Artwork

Whether you prefer taking photographs or you like to paint, create your very own artwork that you can display on the walls of your bedroom. After all, it doesn’t get more unique than that because no one else will have your artwork to show off in their homes.

And, again, stick with the central theme you established. So if you’re going for an ocean-inspired bedroom, create art that evokes a sense of being at sea, or take photographs at the beach and then frame them to create the perfect beachside atmosphere in your bedroom.

Add Shelves with Your Favourite Books and Accessories

Shelving, whether in the form of floating shelves on the walls or a traditional bookshelf, is a great way to display who you are. So go ahead and add books and décor, as well as accessories or trophies, that will show off your unique style and personality.

There are plenty of ways to create a truly unique bedroom, especially if you want it to revolve around a theme that really exemplifies who you are. The main thing to keep in mind is that decorating your room should be fun, so enjoy the experience and feel free to get really creative.


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