Extra Income: Making Money On Social Media

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make money using social media

Who doesn’t spend most of their day on social media these days? Most people are checking their Facebook, posting photos on Instagram, tweeting on Twitter. If you are on there anyway, why not make some extra money on Social Media?

Brands realizing this and are hiring social media influencers to spread the word about their products and there’s a ton of money to be made if you know your way around these networks.

How To Make Money On Social Media


This is a platform that allows you to earn commissions when people buy the wares in your selfies. You can share your photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and more.

How do users make money with the app? 

There are two ways to make money with our app: sharing your style through a photo, and shopping someone else’s photo on Stylinity.

When you share a photo of your taste in style, from clothes to décor, then tag the featured products, you can earn money whenever someone buys.  Users can share it across their social networks.  This maximizes their reach and really lets them make the most of their social influence.

You can also earn whenever you shop too!

How much can someone expect to earn? 

As with any business venture, the opportunity is unlimited, depending on how active you are, the size of social following and the quality/creativity of photos.  Commissions vary, but range up to 20% for certain products.

Other way to earn:

Take advantage of their referral program to invite others to earn $10 referral bonuses.

How do you sign up?

It’s free to sign up. Just register on Stylinity.com and you’ll automatically qualify for a $10 sign-up bonus.

Sign up here with referral code 


This is a brand ambassador opportunity.

Stated by website:

“There are some campaigns where brands hire creators to create and post content all themselves, and other brands hire a lot of great instagrammers to shoot photos for their brand account that fit the aesthetic.”

How do users make money with the app?

The brand hires you to promote their product on platforms such as Instagram.

How much can someone expect to earn? 

Creators can earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per Instagram post depending on the size and scope of the brand/project and the size of the influencer’s audience.

How do you sign up?

Sign up here


Did you know you could make money from your YouTube videos? Just sign up with AdSense and Google pays for sponsored ads. You can also add your own affiliate links to your  videos-something we personally do.


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