Adding To Your Summer Wardrobe

With summer days away, I like to go through my closet to see if I need any new outfits, particularly, dressy ones, like a summer blazer or blouse.  Some women don’t think about using blazers in warm weather, but it gets pretty cool in the evening where I live.


I like to go on date night with the hubby wearing semi- casual clothes and sometimes, I will dress up more. Would I wear a dress?

Probably not.


I would love to be able to wear this bikini (find it here), by the time we go to Florida, which, I cannot wait! We are going again this year in October to visit my sister. We have such a great time; I wish I could go more often. It’s been fun planning a yearly trip, though. She’s thinking of moving next year, so if I at least get one more year visiting there, I’ll take it!


Anyway, I think that bikini would go great with these adorable shorts. But, there are plenty more shorts I would love to have as well.  I would totally have to get a tan first before getting either one of these clothing.

…and a flat tummy like the model as well-you never know, it could happen!

I’m also a “comfy outfit” girl, meaning, yoga pants are my best friend as well as cute shirts in the winter, but I like to wear cute shorts outfits in the summer. Here are two adorable outfits that I would wear on a summer day.


I could see myself wearing these outfits to the beach, or when we go to the amusement parks. They could even be dressy enough to wear to a casual get together as well. I bet you could even throw on a summer blazer over them to go out to dinner that evening.

Have you looked in your closet yet to prepare for summer?

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