Prom Shoes for Tall Girls: Don’t Rule Anything Out

Prom Shoes for Tall GirlsIn prom season, every girl knows that no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes and every tall girl knows that picking the perfect shoes for a formal outfit can be a little more of a challenge! But while there many kinds of formal shoes out there and some may suit you more than others, don’t rule anything out – the most important things to keep in mind for the night are that you need to be comfortable to have a great time, and that just about any style can look great if worn with a bit of confidence! Here are some things to keep in mind when shoe shopping for prom night.


  • Flats. The natural choice for many tall girls. These will be the shoes that work for you if you’re worried about standing a little too far above the crowd – and if you’re wearing a long gown, it will mean that you don’t need to worry too much about having the most stunning shoes in the room.
  • Sandals. Another favorite for tall girls, dressy, strappy sandals can be a perfect fit with the right prom dress – although for the wider foot, you may have to spend a bit of time shopping around for the perfect sandal!
  • Kitten heels. Of all the kinds of prom shoes for sale, these could be the best prom choice for the tall girl, especially when flats just don’t feel special enough. With an average height of around two and a half inches or so, they give the heel effect without going overboard on height and will look amazing with the right dress – though as with higher heels, there are comfort issues to consider, and whether or not you are used to wearing heels at all! If not, don’t forget to spend some time breaking them in before prom night.
  • High heels. Some people say tall girls shouldn’t wear high heels with formal dresses, but style experts say those people are wrong! Of course, you will need to think about whether or not you are going to end up being taller than your date or your friends, but if you’re confident enough, heels are a great look that even tall girls can pull off with a bit of confidence – not forgetting that poise and posture are the key to wearing heels and standing tall.


Of course, your shoes aren’t going to be worn by themselves – you’ll have your prom dress and the rest of your outfit to consider when choosing what kind of shoe is right for you – and most people pick the shoes to go with the dress instead of the other way around! Stylists say that when picking shoes for your prom dress, the more eye-catching and elaborate the dress, the less flashy the shoes need to be  – and the plainer the dress, the more you are going to want to think about getting some glamorous heels to show off! Shoes also become more of a consideration when you’ve got a shorter or asymmetrical dress – and of course for the tall girl, you will need to consider whether your dress already accentuates your height.


The right shoes for you are going to be whatever you feel great in and makes you look great – so don’t be afraid to throw tradition to the wind and go with whatever kind of shoe, conventional or not, is going to be right for you – from flats to heels to cowboy boots or even flip-flops! And remember, for girls tall and short and everywhere in between, one top tip for prom night is to pick out a dazzling pair of shoes for photos and then switch to some much comfier flats or pumps before you dance the night away.

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