12 Easy Father’s Day Photo Crafts

While looking for easy Father’s Day craft projects for my hubby and dad, the photographer in me has to go with photo inspired, and the non-crafter in me NEEDS it to be easy. I couldn’t believe how many easy Father’s Day photo crafts there are out there! Each year, I try to do a photo shoot of the grandbabies for their mom and dad, so I think I’m going to do it this year as an easy Father’s Day photo craft instead.

Of course, we also have to throw in the “handprint” paintings as well since they are a tradition around here!

Anyway, I found the cutest photo ideas ever! You don’t even have to be a professional to do it. I’m so going to try the chalk one!

Easy Father’s Day Photo Crafts

Easy Father's Day photo crafts

1. Best Daddy Ever Photo – How adorable is this for an only child?

2. Daddy’s ShoesThis is perfect photo for an easy Father’s day photo craft and looks easy to make as well!

3. Spelling Out Dad – Obviously, you need to have at least three kids to make this unless you are great in editing to use less.

4. Dad Blocks – I super love this easy Father’s day photo craft idea. I’m thinking of trying it out. Doesn’t look like it would be hard.

5. Chalk Father’s Day Canvas – Ok, I could use this for lots of different gift ideas! You will need a ladder for this one.

6. Father’s Day Small Blocks – This would be great for a large family.

7. “I Love You Feet” Father’s Day Photo – Can you image doing this for dad?

12 Easy Father's Day photo crafts8. Father’s Day Photo Collage – This it a favorite on Pinterest.

9. Shadow Photo Craft – I. Love. This.

10. Photo Tower – How sharp would this look on his desk?

11. Photo Bookmark – Super cute. I have to make this for even my mom. This would definitely be an easy Father’s Day photo craft.

12. Father’s Day View Finder Gift – I loved looking at these when I was little. This would be so much fun!

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