New Temptations Cat Toy Review

If you read this blog then you know that about our little fur babies (one cat and two dogs). I have a little secret to tell you; Sam (our cat) is my favorite. He’s been in our family for six years-we knew he was “our cat” when we saw him as a little black and white bundle at the shelter.

He’s such a character and very amusing to watch as he gets ready to pounce on a rolled up candy wrapper on the floor, only to change his mind at the last second and plop his big body back down on the floor.

I worry that he doesn’t get enough exercise and I know it’s important for our furry children to stay healthy. I like to give him treats as well from time to time. Not too many since he is big.

When we found out about Temptations treats and snacks, I didint know if he would eat them since he is picky.  Their treats come in a variety of flavors like whitefish, turkey, chicken and cheese and crab and shrimp.

Turns out, he does like their treats!

Now, Temptations has added a new product to their product line – the new Temptations Snacky Mouse.


What is a Snacky Mouse?

A Snacky Mouse is a cute little plastic mouse with a weighed “bottom”. Simply open it up and pour in a few Temptations cat treats and close. Snacky Mouse has a few openings in it’s body. As you cat bats the toy around a treat or two will find it’s way out of Snacky Mouse for your cat to eat.


The Snacky Mouse is a cute toy and treat dispenser all in one. Sam totally loves playing with it and I only put it up when the dogs are out.

Snacky Mouse can be reused again and again and can be filled with your cat’s favorite treats, like Temptations. You can buy the toy at many retail locations.

For more information about Snacky Mouse and Temptations treats visit The brand is also found on Facebook and Twitter (links found at the top of their home page).

What do you think about Snacky Mouse? Does it look like something your pets would enjoy?


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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