Just Breathe: 9 Open Source Soundtracks to Relax You

A long and eventful day at the office can drain your energy and fill you with stress. Tension and fatigue are not good for your health, so finding ways to de-stress is essential for a happy and healthy life. If you don’t take time out to relax, or don’t know how to relax, you’ll not only compromise your health but also have unhealthy relationships with those around you. Fortunately, simple things like a warm bath, a good book, and the right music are often all it takes to unwind and relieve your stress.   Music_listener

What is open source music?

Music soothes the soul, and you don’t have to spend a fortune -or any money at all- to get soothing sounds that will put you at ease. You may have heard about open source software, but very few people know of open source music and the value it offers. Open source music is essentially music that’s available in digital audio files released under a Creative Commons license. Open source music may be shared, re-mixed, and re-used by end users for both personal and commercial purposes, and there are usually no restrictions on use.

In some cases, you’re required to credit the creator for the original work if you plan to edit or redistribute music that’s not in the public domain. However, Creative Commons licenses are extremely permissive, so you won’t have to fulfill and a lot of requirements in order to use the music, especially if you’re using to unwind.

Here are nine relaxing open source soundtracks you can download with Vuze bittorrent.


The soundscapes listed below consist of everyday sounds you often miss. The tranquil sounds may be used as-is or you can use them as the foundation for your own musical creations. However, if you use the sounds to make your own music, you’ll have to release the music under a similar Creative Commons license or under public domain.

Animal Sounds from Nature

Composed by various artists, this track is about 10 minutes long and provides a continuous flow of animal sounds. If you find the sounds of frogs, rattlesnakes, bats, snow geese, elks, wolves, and woodpeckers soothing, you’ll enjoy this track.

The audio is published under public domain so you can use it without prior permission.

A Trip Through Tranquility

If you need background music for your yoga sessions or simply to relax, this track will take you through a number of scenic vistas. The composer, Robert Wimer, published under the public domain license so go ahead and download the track to your smartphone.


Night Ambience

Night ambience is a great selection if you have a little more time to relax. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, the track is 22 minutes long.


For easy listening music that will help you de-stress, check out the albums/song tracks below.


Just as the title says, this composition by Bruce provides 10 minutes of pure relaxation.


Another relaxation composition, this shorter track by Sarlahi Express runs for 5:50 minutes.

SBUT – Lounge II

The Relaxation Continues by SBUT is an album with 38 minutes of relaxing songs.

Guided Meditations

If you prefer meditations with soothing voices and melodies, the following three tracks will relax your muscles and lull you into a deep sleep. Make sure you’re at home when playing these tracks.

Out of Body Trinaural Beat Relaxation

Download Keith Taylor’s composition to relax and get a decent night’s rest.

Rainbow Abundance Relaxation

FunDiva, Christy Hoffman provides an hour of guided meditation techniques with soothing background music that you’ll enjoy.

Soothing Ocean Shore

Created by Grant Barret, this meditation provides soothing music and loving affirmations. You can download the video or the podcast if you prefer audio.

Kathy McMullan is a music guru. She especially enjoys researching and compiling inspirational music for a variety of uses.

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