Candy and Cankersaur {A Review} Plus a Giveaway ends 3/11

 I love children’s books. Maybe it’s because I actually took a writing course on writing childrens books. So, whenever I get contacted by authors asking if I would review their book, I am quick to help out!

Candy and Cankersaur written by Jason Sandberg


The story is of a young girl, Candy, who lives in a large mansion. She has everything a little girl would want, but she seems to not act like a spoiled child. We soon learn that what Candy mostly desires is more attention from her rich, busy father. Her father still tries to make up for it by getting her a rare dinosaur, Cankersaurus Rex.

Candy is a bit fearful of her new pet at first, but soon she trains “Cank” and they get along great. When Candy’s neighbor Chucky see’s the animal, he is immediately jealous. The two of them have been longstanding enemies, (mostly Chucky). When he realizes that his parents will never be able to get a better present then Candy’s, he decides to steal Cank and sell him to the circus.

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Chucky realizes how Cank’s disappearance makes Candy sad, and realizes his mistake. The two ask for help of Candy’s dad to help bring Cank home, which makes her dad realize his wrong doings as well.

I always love that there must be a happy ending in children’s books-with a lesson learned as well! I feel that children, especially younger ones will enjoy this book. Heck, even the person reading it will have fun as well! This book  has every element that is needed to keep a child’s attention with bright fun pictures and large text that’s easy to read.

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