Where dat Llama go? Funny tweets about The Great Llama Escape

Waking up this morning, I would of never of thought I’d be watching a couple of llamas planning an escape across the Arizona dessert on the tv.   Those guys (llamas) were good at escaping capture for quite some time. (See video here: the livestream of a real-time llama chase Thursday in Sun City, Arizona.)  I cheered the llamas on, hoping that instead of working, I could spend my day glued to the tv in hopes of the two new celebrities eluding authorities all day.

llama escape

Come hide out at my house little llamas-I’ll make cookies!

Sadly, the llamas were both caught and hauled off to llama jail. Oh well. At least I’ll always have these crack-me-up tweets by some ingenious tweeters…

Great Llama Escape of 2015

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