5 Tips for Parents Traveling Without the Kids

5 Tips for Parents Traveling Without the Kids

Taking a vacation is one of the most relaxing and fun ways a person can spend their time. Everyone craves a vacation from their normal life every once in a while to experience some new things and get some much needed R & R. many parents love to take a vacation with their kids, but sometimes, parents also need a break from being parents. This is why parents occasionally may take a vacation without their kids.

There are a lot of things that can negatively affect parent’s vacation away from their kids. Some parents will feel guilty about leaving their children, others will worry about their kids’ safety. Also, some kids may take the time away from their parents badly. Every parent can find ways to ensure that these issues do not happen and that everyone will enjoy the vacation break. Here are five tips for parents traveling without the kids.

Set up times to talk

Parents and kids will want to talk during the trip to make sure everyone is OK and having a good time. Parents can plan out their trip schedule and schedule in times when they will call their kids. Parents should use Vonage Florida to get the best connection and make sure they account for time zone changes.

Prepare the kids

Kids can be scared when their parents are leaving them for a vacation, especially if this is the first time. Parents should try to prepare their kids for the time apart by talking about the trip and explaining everything to their kids right away. Parents should also find a place for their kids to stay that they know their kids feel comfortable at.

Get the caregivers the tools they need

Parents can eliminate a lot of worry by preparing everything the caregivers might need ahead of time. Parents can give caregivers access to their home and anything inside it the kids might need, as well as information for medical emergencies and any other issues that may arise. Parents can rest easy knowing that if there is an issue, it will be taken care of.

Plan something fun for the kids

Parents can also make the transition easier for everyone by planning something fun for the kids to do while the parents are away. This will give everyone a little bit of a vacation and make the time apart easier for everyone to handle. For example, parents can plan a slumber party with some friends for their kids one of the nights they are away. Additionally, parents can plan a fun family outing to take place as soon as they return so everyone can catch up.


Most importantly, parents need to relax and know that everything will be fine. Without this, parents will not be able to enjoy their trip and will return more stressed out than they were before. Parents need to give themselves the opportunity to enjoy themselves without their kids on occasion and they should never feel guilty about needed some alone time.

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