To know thy neighbor: Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight & a Giveaway

How well do you know your neighbor?
We’ve lived in our home for over thirteen years and I still don’t know all of my neighbors. It’s not really my fault; we live on quite a busy street, so nobody really hangs out front much. I do know both neighbors on either side, and one I like, the other not so much.

So, if I had to rely on one of them to come through if I had some kind of disaster, could I?

Recently, Leeo, a Bay Area smart home automation company, released a “State of the Neighborhood” report and found that 52% of people feel that they do not know their neighbor well.



In addition, the report shows that 1 in 8 people don’t even know their next-door neighbors’ name (first or last). With technology and social networks, people are more connected than ever; however, the survey findings showed a majority of Americans don’t know their neighbors at all. In the case of an emergency, the people who live closest to you should be your first line of defense.

So, let’s think about what would happen if a fire started in your home…

Sure, we have smoke alarms, but that won’t matter if your smoke alarm starts beeping and you’re not home to hear it. If you couldn’t rely on a neighbor to hear it, you might be in trouble.

Unless, you had a way to be notified another way. With the Leeo Smart Alert Night Light, you won’t have to worry about relying on anyone, because you’ll be alerted to potential fires as soon as an alarm goes off.

The Smart  Alert Night Light from Leeo is not a smoke alarm itself, but  a smart device that acts aa a smoke alarm monitoring system. It has a humidity and temperature sensor, a built in microphone, and even can be used as a 16-million-color LED night light.  No wiring involved, just plug it into your wall!


The only thing else you’ll have to do is install the free Smart Alert Night Light app and sign up for a free Leeo account. Yes, you heard it right-F. R. E. E.!  Just provide your address, email and phone number during setup.

The Smart Alert night Light can hear all smoke alarms up to 75 feet away (you will need a separate Smart Alert Night Light if you have more then one level). Here’s the cool part: This smart little device can even distinguish between individual units to alert you how big the potential fire is!


If the system does hear an alarm, it’ll give you the option to dismiss false alarms, or dial 911 if needed. What’s more, if you don’t pick up the notification within a specific time frame, the SmartAlert will start dialing your list of emergency contacts that you provided.

When the unit is not being needed, you won’t notice it at all. Unless you need the night light. You can adjust the LED color to any of 16 million possible colors.

So, while you might be worried about your neighbor being made at you for not returning his rake, at least you won’t have to worry about Smart Alert Night Light keeping a watchful eye on your home!
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