Random Things

Okay, I’m going to come clean…


I’m a newly appointed Doctor Who fanatic.


It just happened one day…


I’m not sure what made me decide to turn on Netflix and search for Doctor Who. It might of happened because  I was curious after hearing so much about it on the BBC channel. Or, I think I used to watch it when I was little, so maybe my inner child was whispering in my ear, Watch Doctor Who! You know you want to!  Or, maybe I just had to see what all this Doctor Who was all about after seeing that awesome “Police Box” shed photo on my online friend’s blog.


OOOOOOR, maybe I just needed a reason to buy some cool Doctor Who shirts I saw at Hot Topic.




1. I’m obsessing over anything healthy. But, I can’t give up my sweet tooth, so I was glad to find this wonderful lady’s book full of healthy-but yummy-desserts!


Yay, for healthy desserts!


2. Speaking of healthy, while I’m going that route I still need to look good. I’m going to need this  workout outfit for sure. If I wear it I know I’ll do some exercising.


Or, at least look good laying on the couch…


3.  I’m also obsessing over essential oils. I’m thinking about becoming a consultant too. I’m changing my other blog over to a healthy/natural blog again, so that would fit perfectly on it. If that blog had a voice it would scream….




4. You know I love to hang out on Pinterest and look at home décor. I dream about being able to decorate my living room with white couches and rugs and everything so nice and bright like this room.


Of course, I would have to live alone and never have company over…


Do I have you wanting some healthy desserts? Pick up a copy of Katie’s book, Chocolate-Covered Katie: Over 80 Delicious Recipes That Are Secretly Good for You!

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