Madness, Miracles, Millions: A Book Review


I recently could not pull myself away from a great book about the true story life of a family struggling  to make their way in life. They made sacrifices, dealt many bad hands and ended up having amazing success. Madness, Miracles, Millions, written by a father/son duo, Joseph and Larry Semprevivo.

The beginning had me hooked, with a terrible printing press accident which nearly cost Larry Semprevivo his life. Was this an adventure story? This really got myy interest right away. I was already rooting for the “good guy” to win in the first chapter.

I have been going through my own obstacles and tragi ties, so I loved how this book encouraged me to not give up. This family overcame a tragedy, illness, and poverty. You will definitely want to finish it to see how it ends.

I love some of the quotes from book:

Life is what you make it, no more, no less. 

Every family has a story to tell; some are just more extraordinary than others.

Now, don’t think that all is depressing. ever, they’ve also received a lot of support and had some good fortune as well. This family always maintained a positive attitude, even when they hit rock bottom. They managed to pull through each time, and even received surprise gifts from unknown benefactors just when they needed them.

You almost need to remind yourself that this is not fiction!
I am amazed at how  very close knit this family is. A great motivator to other families. This book encourages readers to keep a positive attitude, and never give up on their dreams.

At 150 pages, (I am not much of a reader) it was a nice length with strong messages throughout the book.  I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone.

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