Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!

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Ever since I started working, my mom was instantly on my back about preparing for retirement. She stressed about how preparing for your future will influense what type of retirement you will have. She didn’t want us to be afraid of retirement like my grandparents were. They worked hard and saved all their lives, but couldn’t relax one minute of it to enjoy their retirement years. They were afraid to spend anything for fear of having to use it for medical expenses, or some other emergency.

So, I feel they wasted their retirement years instead of enjoying them. I found out my grandma had always wanted to visit Paris-her birth city-again and never did. My grandpa loved traveling since he was a truck driver for many years. It would have been nice if he’d been able to visit some states he loved to go to when he was younger.

I plan on not having to worry about retirement security and look at it as a time to start a new life full of adventures, start a new business, or maybe move to Hawaii.

Bring on that bikini-Well, maybe a one piece with a big sun hat as well by then…

Now, everyone knows that to be able to do the things we want to do when we retire, we need to have piece of mind about our finances. Some people may need to know where to start as well, which may be stressful.

I love to learn all that I can about finances and ways to prepare for my future. I like to pass it down to my children as well.  You can trust a program that claims to do it all for you, but does it really check out ALL the ways available to maximize your money? I would love to have available different tools that help me achieve my goals and let me not worry about money when I retire!

If you have heard that some home loans can give you ready cash during your retirement, you are correct. The loans that will allow you to do that without requiring you to pay the balances back quickly are reverse mortgages. However, there are several reverse mortgage pros and cons you must deal with when signing up for one through a lender. Advantages include being able to take your time paying back the loan and having cash when you need it. Disadvantages include high interest rates and the possibility that your home will have to be sold in order for the lender to get the loan balance back when you pass away, rather than your heirs inheriting your home from you.

People CAN define their own retirement!

Well, I found out that the people at State Farm Insurance are going to show you how to do retirement income planning by sponsoring a TV special on Public Television station called Don’t Worry, Retire Happy. You can find it on your local station at

Find out how most working Americans HAVE the time, financial resources and courage to retire happy with the 7 steps in Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™.

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This show is a fundraiser on public television stations, so you can support your local station by pledging and you will receive a copy of the DVD or book+DVD, depending on your contribution.

There is a one minute YouTube video that you may find informative on retirement tips:

Another great lesson you will learn is about how social security claiming strategies can define your own retirement, the way you want it. I really like the idea of doing retirement my own way instead of in someone elses hands. I also need to have the piece of mind unlike my grandparents did!

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This blog post on “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™”: The 7 Steps to Retirement Security”, is sponsored by State Farm®. I accepted the opportunity to participate and want my readers to know that the opinions and statements expressed in this post are completely my own.

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