What to do to Prepare for the Next Winter Storm

It seems that every winter, the storms become more intense and less forgiving. If you live in a place where extreme weather is a possibility, it is important to be prepared for it before it hits. Check out these tips to physically and mentally prepare for the next big weather event to hit your town.

Create a safety checklist
The most important aspect of preparing for the next big storm is to organize your thoughts. Create a checklist with categories such as what supplies you need, what to do when the storm first hits, how to react to an emergency, and what to do after the storm subsides. Doing some research online is a great way to help you figure out what needs to be on the list and how it will be accomplished. Check out the Red Cross winter safety checklist to get started.

What to do to Prepare for the Next Winter Storm

Prepare an emergency kit
If you live in a place where extreme weather could cause road closures or power outages, it is important to stock up on essentials. An ample supply of water and high calorie non-perishable foods that don’t require heat should be one of your top priorities. It is important to keep a gallon of water per person per day on stock, waiting until the last minute to get this might be too late.

Other essential supplies include flashlights, batteries, and candles incase your electricity goes out, as well as alternative heat such as firewood incase your regular fuel source is cut off. It is also important to have shovels and rock salt to quickly remove ice and to dress in warm layers. Don’t forget a first aide kit that can handle a variety of injuries as well as over the counter pain medicine.

Be sure you utility providers are reliable
While losing basic utilities like phone and Internet may sometimes be unavoidable in a big storm, it is important to be sure they will hold up for as long as they can. If you have the means to do so, keeping a satellite phone on hand will allow you to stay connected even when the phone lines go out.

Maintaining Internet in bad weather can be a little tricky but consider providers that offer FIOS Internet such as frontier fios. FIOS Internet uses fiber optics to transmit data, which can be more resilient against things like lightening and rain.

Create a family communication plan
It is important to be prepared for the worst case scenario, if all lines of communication are cut off make sure you and your family know what to do before it happens. If disaster hits when your family is separated, having a plan about how to get in contact with each other will help keep unneeded stress out of an already stressful situation.
Agreeing upon what to do in different scenarios, where to meet, and who to get help from are all important aspects of coming up with a solid plan. Once you have a plan, type it up and email it to each family member.

Image source: http://pixabay.com/en/tornado-weather-storm-disaster-541911/

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