Everminder Review

I was given the opportunity to sample EverMinder and review an easy way to stay in touch and remember special days.

“EverMinder is a group reminder platform so that every group member is reminded about other group members’ important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.”

I’m pretty bad about trying to remember important dates. I have planners and reminders everywhere. Is it one of the kid’s birthday next week? When is Aunt Sally and Uncle Steve’s anniversary? Did I miss our family friend’s birthday last month?

I’m just terrible at remembering stuff!

So, EverMinder probably invented this just for me.

Well, that’s what I’m going with…EverMinderBlogGraphic

First, I needed to download and set up EverMinder, which was very easy. They do not ask for any payment info, because it’s free for everyone!

Then, I was asked to enter my family members and friends, so you will want to have that list ready if you don’t know all info on them. I felt that it was another easy task as well.

I really liked that you have the option of picking preferred gifts for each person. They have places like Amazon and iTunes.

I’m really bad about coming up with ideas, so I like that they have that option!

I would say that Everminder is a great way for families to remember important occasions, stay in touch, and an easy way to buy each other gifts!

 Try Everminder to always remember your family and friend’s special occassions-they will in turn, REMEMBER YOU at Christmas time! ; )
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