The Year to Succeed


I try to be one of those people that do New Year’s Resolutions.

But, 99% of the time, I fail.

Let’s face it, do you really accomplish everything you put on a list? It’s so much pressure and a let down when you don’t. So this year, I wanted to do it a bit different and not to call my goals for 2015 that. I’m just going to think of this new year as the “Year To Succeed”.  Not just as a business point of view, but in many ways. I wrote down what I want to change, improve, and start this year and instead of stressing over it, I’m just going to think positive and let it happen. Does that mean I’m going to sit back and let it all fall into my lap?


Well, yes and no. I plan on working my $%& off to make everything happen like making a goal, but I’m just going to have a different attitude about it. I have the mindset that what I want to do, change, or improve this year,  I WILL succeed.

I am feeling it in my gut that hings will go my way this year and I think that’s what you call “positive thinking”. Whatever it is, it feels better to look at it this way then how I looked at goals in the past. I’m not sure if this makes ANY sense to you. Maybe you are thinking, this sounds like a New Year’s Resolution, dummy!  It doesn’t to me and I hope that maybe (if you get what I’m talking about) you can take this same attitude towards wanting to change something in your life without the pressure.

Here are some of my “Year To Succeed”  thoughts:

1.  Invest in my future.

If you asked my mom, she would tell you that I’m one of those people who put off preparing for retirement (Mom, I can hear you in my head right now-stop). Sure, we have the hubby’s retirement plan, but I really need one of my own as well.

2. Take my writing to a new level.

I am ready to go full force with my writing. I want to make a great living with it and I’m ready to do that this year. No more, I’ll write that article tomorrow after I watch the real housewives.

3.  Be famous.

Let me elaborate on that. I’m not meaning the celebrity type where you want my autograph. I meaning that I want to help others better their life in some way. So, kindof like, “Tess? Oh yeah, I know her. She’s awesome!”

4. Buy our dream house.

We already have a house, but we really out grew it years ago. I really need a quiet office space to go hide when I can’t take anymore dog slobber in my face, or “Can you do this for me?” while I’m writing.

5. Get fit.

I have been slacking with the exercising and eating right. I think it’s because I was slipping into a bit of a depression because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I feel more positive now, so I want my body to reflect that-and eating brownies every day CAN’T be good for you.

6. Be rich.

I’m ready to bring more money into my life now. I’m not sure why I wasn’t before?

7.  Be more of a mom.

I really have been slacking in the “mom” department. No more I’ll-just-do-your-homework-so-I can-finish-watching-my-show mom. Shhh…don’t tell Mrs. Teacher.

8.  Make “vacation” a part of my life.

Before our girls trip to Florida, I was one of those people that worked every day and never took time off. I got a taste of the the good life of “taking vacations”. Now, I am going to make it part of my life-maybe that will add years to my life. Or, at least less wrinkles.

9.  Write another book.

I have another book in me. I just didn’t have time to write it. I take that back. I do have time, just not the guts. Maybe my book be the next Kindle best seller on Amazon.

I mean, it WILL be the next best seller.

10. Be happier.

If you read any of the above, you know that I’m already starting that. Like the old saying goes… Don’t worry, BE happy!

What’s your plans for  2015?

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