Qramz Charms

My youngest daughter is always collecting charms. She collects charms from where she’s been, what she likes, and just because it’s cute.  I have to admit that I have fun looking for them with her.

When I found out about Qramz Charms, I thought they were a pretty cool concept. They are little balls that open by squeezing the top and bottom to hook the charm to whatever it will connect to.

We got the pink girl’s starter set and it was adorable!


I love that it came with ear plugs because we were just looking for a new pair.

Qramz charms
Emily stuck one on her shoes, a necklace, and made a charm bracelet with the bands included. She wants to give her best friends a couple of the beads so they can all have one.


I see this as a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. Get a starter set and some extra beads to add to it.

Kids fashion

Which ones are your favorite? Check out their website and see all the adorable designs they have.

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