3 items you should recycle in your bathroom


I’m super big on recycling. If you drove by my house on recycle week pickup, you would see my recycle bins filled. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it, I put all our food boxes, jars and bottles  in the bins, all papers from my office, and even newspapers. But, I never thought of the items in our bathroom.  I bet you didn’t think of  that either!  

So What Can You Recycle In The Bathroom?

You wouldn’t believe how many people overlook the amount of recyclable materials that make it into the bathroom trash. In fact, studies have shown that nearly 80 percent of people fail to consistently recycle in their bathroom. They were like me, given the smaller size of this room compared to like, the kitchen, it hadn’t even crossed their minds.

There are 3 items in your bathroom that can be easily recycled:



Bottles in the  bathroom alone are amounting to hundreds of millions of bottles getting tossed, Resulting in landfills quickly filling up with used shampoo and shower gel containers.

Think about all the hair products you regularly use. Shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments will often come in recyclable packaging. Facial cleaners, moisturizers, masks and scrubs are a few of these. Even makeup bottles can be recycled. Check around your bathroom for anything you purchase in a bottle and see if it’s recyclable.  

 Oral Care Products

recycle toothpaste tubes

Oral care products are also a surprisingly sizeable source of recyclables that often get overlooked. Did you know that your toothpaste tube can be recycled? The materials used in your toothbrush, floss containers, and even teeth whitening materials are all forms of recyclables. Don’t forget to check the bottom of your mouthwash bottle to see if it is too!

Cardboard Items

recycle toilet paper rolls

I am reminded of the commercial where they show all the empty toilet paper rolls rolling down the street. Yes, a lot of us probably forget to put these in our bins.  Don’t forget tissue boxes, soapboxes, and if you buy in bulk, the boxes they came in.

So, I hope I have you thinking about adding your bathroom to your weekly recycle routine!

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