Learning to Tarot: Tips for Choosing Your First Deck

tarotTarot cards are associated with centuries-old games as well as occult interest and spiritual guidance. Those interested in the topic graduate participation in the hobby and buy their own deck. Yet, before you grab any tarot deck from the rack or online vendor, it’s important to keep the following in mind.


Since tarot reading is associated to spiritual guidance and insight, a reader must have a personal connection with the deck. The design, colors, and overall display of the cards will appeal to its true owner. Making a connection when shopping online is more difficult; so, visit vendors with high-quality photos and displays of offered merchandise.


Several varieties exist; the Rider Waite deck is popular as well as the Crowley Troth. Unless you’re educated on astrology, mysticism, symbolism, and related sciences and interests, you’ll need to pay close attention to the deck’s accompanying Little White Book. Do additional research on the history of tarot reading and evolution toward the occult.


Inexperience quickly vexes those who buy advanced tarot decks with esoteric symbols related to a better understanding of mysticism, etc. If you’re a pure beginner, the Rider Waite deck, widely referenced in beginner manuals, is a good choice. The deck has easy-to-understand symbols and poses little obstacle in obtaining elementary mastery.


Psychic readings can be influenced by the size of the cards. A card, too big or small, inspires clumsy handling and takes away from the overall showmanship. Handle a deck before purchase or take notice of the dimensions offered by online vendors. Moreover, if you’re buying a set for display rather than play, consider a larger set that will definitely catch the eyes of visitors.


The embedded art and era of production is a focal point. Find decks with medieval, modern, and Celtic flavor. Playing cards surfaced sometime in the 14th century, so hobbyists have a cornucopia of periods, themes, and styles to choose. Early cards featured depictions of Greek gods with varieties of birds as the four suits. Later, motifs with astrological, poetical, philosophical, and social appeal flourished.


Like a version of a classic book, tarot cards go through many productions and vary in quality. Search for a quality-structured deck with bright art displays and sturdy paper composition. Tattered and worn cards present a poor appearance to onlookers. There’s no substitute for good quality and other hobbyists can tell the difference between someone with a sturdy beginner deck from those playing inexperience.


Read reviews online and throughout occult and tarot literature. Ask questions in forums and be inquisitive when visiting occult shops and personalities. The Aeclectic site provides reviews on scores of decks, and Tarot Passage presents additional information. The best way to learn about a new hobby is to be immersed in the literature and pose questions to other hobbyists.
Do you feel that? That’s the impulse to take the next step of your tarot card purchase. Let the spirit world be your guide and mind the above suggestions.

Karla Jones is a yoga instructor and tarot enthusiast. Her writing delves into all things psychic and her articles are mainly found on relationship and spiritual blogs.

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