3 ways to bring readers to your blog


I remember the early days of  blogging. It was easy to find other bloggers to read your blog and come back regularly. Now, there are so many blogs out there these days, you really have to work to get readers. People just don’t have time to fit everyone in.  These three tips will help you bring in loyal readers to your blog, and keep them coming back for more.

1. Learn how to use SEO

When you use SEO correctly, Google will be your fairy godmother and magically send you traffic. Pick some key topics and carefully place keywords in your content. Be careful not to stuff too many keywords in your sentences. Use headings and bold text to highlight your specific words. Adding alt text with pictures-I do a lot of image searches and so do other people. Invest in a decent camera, or subscribe to an image site for low cost quality images.

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2. Always Use Awesome Pictures

Photos can make or break a great post. Everyone loves eye candy (just ask Pinterest) so, make sure your pictures match your post. Yes, include some kind of graphic/photo in every post. Especially if you are doing a craft or recipe post. Speaking of Pinterest, pin your pictures for a traffic boost.

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3. Support Fellow Bloggers

You would be surprised at how helpful bloggers are to each other. Sharing other blogger’s accomplishment will establish you as the go-to resource for great topics. As you build friendships with other bloggers and grow your connections, you will other bloggers sharing your content as well.

Commenting on other blogs helps other bloggers find out about you and most return the favor as well. I bookmark about 50 blogs that I visit regularly so they know I really want to support them and they come to my blog as well. When people visit your blog and see lots of comments, they will be curious to see what all the interest in your blog is thus, giving you a potential new loyal reader!

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