It’s time for boots!

Fall time for me means sweaters, jeans and boots. I love almost all kind of boots. tall, short, brown, black, fancy and casual. I love them all. I have such an obsession, I’ve been known to go up to a woman wearing a most fantastic pair of boots and whip out my iphone and take a photo of them. That really gets strange looks from people.

I should try asking first.

I’ve been itching for a new pair (or two) of boots for this season. I missed out on some incredible pairs of boots last year and I totally regret it, so I’m starting now. I found a place online that sells the most adorable boots (and clothes too!). It’s called noVae Clothing.

Who is noVae Clothing?

modest clothing

From website:
noVae is Latin for ” Novel ” 
Definition for Novel is: New, Original
Synonyms of Novel are: at Cutting edge, Different, Fresh, Funky, 
New-Fashioned, Off Beat, Rare & Unique.  
ALL of these words describe the Fashions & Designs you will find at
noVae Clothing!
Doesn’t that just want to make you go there right now? I hope so! But, first I have to tell you about some great deals on their boots right now.

Tall Buckle Boots with Red Zipper sale $59.99

noVae Boots

Two Toned Combat Boots sale $58.99

noVae Boots

Navy Blue Boots with Buckle

noVae navy boots

Do I have your boot obsession going? Then run on over and put some adorable boots on those boot starved feet!


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