Get your spa on with Morton Epson salt

I had the opportunity to work with Morton Salt on their 100 year celebration of the Morton Salt Girl!  We had a girl’s night spa party.  What fun we had-and much needed!  We did spa time, treats, and a video.

Morton Salt 100th birthday

The Morton Salt Girl is 100 years old. If you are like me, you remember your mom always using Morton Salt for recipes, dinners and whatever we needed salt for. I’m glad to keep that tradition with my children.  I was excited to get a huge Morton Salt canister filled with some Morton products! four We were so excited to open this and find so many fun products. A yellow umbrella, packs of Morton colored M&Ms, cocktail napkins, salt and Epson salt and more! Some Morton Salt facts: Morton Salt got it’s start in Chicago in 1848.  Joe Morton founded Morton Salt and the Morton Arboretum.  1924 is when Morton first marketed Iodized Salt.  The Morton Salt girl first appeared in 1914.  She was not modeled after anyone.  It was said she was America’s favorite 8 year old.  The Morton Salt Girl we know today is the 1968 design. three We started our party out with our snacks!  I decided to make cheese fries among other snacks. Of course they were salted  with Morton Salt-yum! We put together Morton Epsom Salt foot baths to soak our tired feet.  We filled some small tubs with warm water and the scented Morton Epsom Salts.  I love foot baths!  We also used a foot scrub made with Morton Epsom Salt.  Everyone commented on how soft their feet were. fie With our party kit, there were many recipes and coupons to share. This body scrub was made using coffee grounds. I’ve seen this before, but never tried it. I was not aware that Morton made so many salt products! I admit, I have not used Epsom salt before, but I want to incorporate it into my weekly routine for all the benefits. Here is one of the recipes: Paradise Foot Scrub: 1 cup Morton Natural Epsom Salt 1/2 cup coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 lemon juiced Directions: In a bowl mix together all ingredients.  Fill large bowl, basin or tub with warm water (about 6-8 cups).  Soak feet for 10 minutes.  Remove polish, then cut and file nails.  Massage a handful of the Epsom Salt mixture all over feet, scrubing the heels and balls of your feet.  Let feet soak for about 5 minutes more.  Rinse and dry feet.  Your feet should feel soft and moisturized. Try your own spa night with our friends and include some Epsom Salt scrubs for a relaxing evening-don’t forget those mixed drinks as well!

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